Detroit Club Flyers: Instant Impact

Whereas brochures are fairly detailed and contain several different types of information on two sides of a tri-fold piece of high-quality glossy paper, a club flyer, or "handbill" is a simple. single-page piece of advertising that is intended to give prospects an overview of what you are offering at a single glance. Detroit club flyers for your local business must therefore be attention-grabbing and at the same time succinct and to the point.

Why Club Flyers?

The primary benefit of club flyers in Detroit and other major communities is that they are inexpensive and easy to use while at the same time can deliver a powerful marketing message in a second. They can be handed out on street corners, posted on walls and public bulleting boards, left on a table at a public events, and (where allowed by city ordinance) can be left under automobile windshield wipers in dry weather. They can also be left in people's doors. Costing only a few cents each, club fliers are an excellent low-cost alternative to often costly newspaper and magazine ads.

If you are just getting started offering a product or service in Motown and do not yet have a big advertising budget, Detroit club flyers may be just the thing that will allow you to start getting the word out without spending a lot of money.

Why Not Just Do It Yourself?

You could simply whip out something on your own PC, but here's the other part of the equation: you want to build credibility as well as get the word out about your business. Therefore, you don't want your club fliers looking like something the local neighborhood garage band put together to promote its premier (free) gig at a nearby coffee house. In any event, unless you have a fast, top-of-the-line laser printer (which can still cost you several thousand bucks), printing enough fliers to do the trick can be time-consuming and costly.

Let Detroit Print Shop Do It For You

Thousands of business owners around the area have already discovered the cost-savings of uploading their own designs to, using templates available right on the site. Because our web-based company does not have the same overhead expenses as traditional brick-and-mortar print shops and uses designs that you provide, we can pass on substantial savings – and because we use state-of-the-art printing technology, we provide the same or better quality for the same low price.

Furthermore, Detroit Print Shop is a locally-based, so when you hire us to produce your Detroit club flyers, you are supporting your local community. Visit us today at and find out how we can meet your printing needs for less.

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