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Month: April 2010
What Can Brochures Do For You?
April 12, 2010 by Detroit Print Shop


Their quality printing can reflect positively on your business, for starters any good business knows that it takes some degree of advertising to ensure success. Sometimes word of mouth is enough, but usually it’s going to take more effort than that. Incorporating printed materials such as brochures about your products and/or services will help enhance your corporate image.

Detroit Print Shop is equipped to help your advertisements do what they are designed to do: increase your business. They offer online ordering and make it easy for you to select the exact look of your advertising materials. Here are a few key ideas to ensure effective brochures that will serve their purpose.

Consider the look and feel of your brochures carefully. They need to grab the attention of the present customers, as well as future customers. They should be colorful because this encourages someone to actually pick one up and glance through it.

To get past a glance, come up with a fun slogan that will have them reading deeper to see what your business is all about. A picture can say a thousand words, so include some good images of your products and/or services.

Be sure your content is offered in the right size; allow for the content to fit without being crammed and without excess space.