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Month: May 2010
Advertising Your Business with Postcards
May 17, 2010 by Detroit Print Shop

post cards

Direct mailings with postcards can result in a steady influx of new customers.  Small business owners in particular are always seeking inexpensive, effective ways to promote their business. Often, after trying a variety of methods, they find that the most consistently successful method is bulk mailing of postcards.

Postcards are a great visual means of reaching your target audience, and with the proper combination of images, they can be quite eye-catching and memorable. You will find that your clients or customers really appreciate getting information from your business in an easy-to-read format, rather than enclosed in an often-overlooked envelope. Some business owners have discovered that customers have saved their postcards because of the great visual images included on the front.

Should you choose to try a postcard mail-out to promote your business, consider using a mailing list of loyal customers, as well as those that have expressed an interest in your business. Often, it’s a good idea to include a coupon or discount code on the postcard, as a means of tracking just how many people pay close attention to and respond to the mailings.

You might actually find that you are surprised by the high response rate, and decide to continue to use this form of advertising as part of your ongoing marketing efforts.