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Month: July 2010
Flyer Printing – Simple Flyer Printing Tips
July 22, 2010 by Detroit Print Shop

Whether you are promoting a business, looking for a lost dog, or trying to sell a car, the whole intention of posting flyers is to grab the attention of those who walk by.  Therefore, it is of utmost importance the message gets delivered properly.  With simplFlyer Printinge and efficient flyer printing tips, you can capture people’s attention.

First and foremost, make sure to print in full color.  Black and white flyers are dull and will fade away regardless of what it is posted on.  You want people to know what is on flyer is important to you.  Color shows value and meaning and essentially displays the fact that you cared enough to spend a little more money.  And while it is a little more money, it will all be worth it at the end of the day.

In addition to splurging for color, take your flyer printing to the next level and print on glossy paper.  Color is nice, but glossy will take it a step further and truly show the professional side.  This is essential if you are promoting a business to stand out from the rest of the competitors.  But as mentioned above, regardless of what the message is you want to show that it means a lot to you.

The final tip for printing flyers is to print in bulk.  This of course does depend on what exactly you are looking to do with the flyers and what message you are looking to get across.  But just know you can save a great deal of money when printing bulk orders.  If you will be needing a certain amount spread throughout the course of a month, or even a year, order them all at once and watch how much you end up saving.

There is much more to flyer printing than many even think about.  The key is to consider how much the message means to you and what you are willing to do to capture people’s attention.  From there, apply the tips listed above as necessary.

Brochure Printing – 3 Top Questions to Ask Yourself
July 22, 2010 by Detroit Print Shop

Brochure printing can be used for a wide array of aspects in life.  And regardless of what you will be using the brochures for, it is important the quality comes out professionally.  In order to do just that, here are a few questions you will want to ask yourself prior to printing.

1. What is the objective?

It is always important you know what your main intentions and the overall objective is with the brochure.  What exactly are you looking to communicate and what does the look need to be in order to accomplish this?  Figure out the message and this will help you determine the overall design and approach to take.

brochure printing2. Who is the target market?

Make sure the message you are trying to get across is appealing to the group you are targeting.  There is no point in shooting for the stars and creating something that will appeal to anyone and everyone.  All this will do is drastically cut down your chances for generating interest.  Instead, focus on a particular niche or group of people and center everything you do for that group.

3. What graphics will be used?

The final question you have to ask yourself is what direction to take the graphics and design.  The great thing about brochures is that it opens up room for creativity and imagination.  Because of this, you want your brochure printing to display vibrant photographs, illustrations, graphs and colors.  While content is necessary, it is vital you stay away from thousands of words.  Interchange intellectual content with intriguing visuals.  This is sure to lure in those who receive the brochure.

There are a number of questions you want to ask yourself prior to the final brochure printing.  So long as you consider every element of the brochure and take each decision seriously, you will have no problem with the end results.

Creating Effective Business Brochures
July 8, 2010 by Detroit Print Shop

business brochuresBusiness brochures can be a great way to let your potential clients know about the products and services that you offer, as well as your company.  If you do a good job in creating the brochures, they can even bring in new business from people that weren’t previously familiar with your offerings. However, there is no point in printing business brochures if you don’t take the time and effort to design them properly and think out what should and shouldn’t be included.

Before creating your business brochures you need to define your target audience because this will help you plan out how you are going to distribute them. You might want to give them out to potential new customers, or you might just want to introduce your current customers to new products and/or services that your company is offering.

Different purposes will require different brochures, so make sure it is clear what you plan to do with them before you have them designed and printed.

Once you know what use you are going to use your business brochure for, you can start thinking of what information you need to include. You obviously want to have contact information for your company included regardless of the use of the brochure.

If you are trying to get new customers, you might want to include a brief description of the company and its products and/or services, as well as the history of the company. You want to make it clear what you have to offer them and why it would make sense for them to take advantage of your services. Client testimonials can be useful in gaining their trust.

Make sure you include information that is helpful and not just a lot of filler. You will want to make it interesting to read so that it will keep the attention of the reader.

Business brochures should be well designed so that they are easy to read. Make use of blank space. Be sure to keep the paragraphs short and include graphics and pictures to illustrate your points and to break up the text a bit.

Headings and a table of contents can make it easy for people to find just the information that they are most interested in so they don’t have to search through the whole brochure if they do not want to. You should also keep the design similar to your other marketing materials, using similar colors, fonts, and the company logo, so that your overall materials have a professional branded look.

There are a number of computer programs that you can use in order to help you design your own brochures. However, if you think this is a bit more than you can handle you can hire a company to do it for you. It is important that you have them professionally printed so that they are of high quality.

Combining the convenience of online printing with the quality and service provided at is a win-win for your business. Visit our website to learn more about business brochures and the other printing options available at the Nation’s #1 Online Print Solution.

Using Business Cards As a Powerful Marketing Tool
July 7, 2010 by Detroit Print Shop

business cards

Whenever any company or business puts themselves out in the public sphere, there is a good deal of planning and preparation that goes into making certain that the image that is portrayed is carefully managed.

One of the simplest tools used is the business cards. Almost all businesses have a card that is used to remind clients and potential customers of their basic services, as well as contact information. While this may seem like a simple process, there is actually quite a bit of thought that goes into creating a good business card.

Your business card should definitely include a few standard items. At the minimum, you should always print your company name, address, and contact information. This may include just a phone number, but could also incorporate email, fax number and even your website, if those are all viable contact options. If they will need to contact a specific person, include that on the business cards as well. This is especially helpful for those who receive a commission or otherwise work with clients on an individual basis.

After the basics, you will probably want to print the logo of the company on the cards. This can do a great deal for brand recognition and cohesiveness. Your logo should be large enough to be easily discerned, but should not take over the rest of the area. If it was originally designed for full sized display, it might be advisable to modify it slightly for a more appealing look on the business card format. The logos should maintain the same basic features, but smaller details can be left out to make the logo appear cleaner on the tiny card.

Once you have determined exactly what information to include, you will be focusing on the design of your business cards. This should reflect the look and feel of your company. If you offer high brow products and services, clean lines and fancy fonts are appropriate. For those that promote a high energy environment in their company, use your card to verify that. Bold fonts and liberal use of color could be suitable. If you want to denote efficiency, maintain a white background and very basic fonts with only applicable information. As you can see, there are numerous ways to get the feel that you are after in the design process. These are just a few examples.

Designing business cards is a basic service provided by almost all graphics and printing companies. You can, however, do the design in house and save on that cost. It is fairly simple to start from scratch in a graphics program. You can also make use of templates to make it even easier. Once you are ready to print, however, it’s generally best to go to the experts. They can quickly turn your design into a stack of ready to use cards. Trimming and boxing is part of the standard processing package. The best prices are found when you order a bulk amount, so keep that in mind.

Business cards can seem to be fairly straightforward. While it’s true that it is hard to get them completely wrong, you can have much better success using them for marketing purposes when they are more carefully designed.

Combining the convenience of online printing with the quality and service provided is a win-win for your business. Visit our website to learn more about the business cards and other printing options available at the Nation’s #1 Online Print Solution.