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Month: November 2010
Bring Detroit to Life with Color Postcard Printing
November 9, 2010 by Detroit Print Shop

The city of Detroit has a lot to offer. The culture, history, and diversity of our city are what have made it a popular venue for musicians, politicians, artists, and businesses looking for a central location. If you’re one of those businesses, what better way to bring Detroit to life than ordering color post card printing from Detroit Print Shop? Show the rest of the world what Motown looks likes through your eyes and let everyone know we’re alive and well, thriving and prospering like the Motor City of old.

Color post cards can show the Detroit skyline, famous landmarks, or any picture of you or your company that you want to mail out to customers and prospects. They can portray a product or show a service being done, whatever you feel might get the point across. If you want us to make a full color post card with your favorite pet on the front, we can do that too. We’ll use our cutting-edge offset printing process to produce the finest color post cards you’ve ever see.

Color post cards can go in either direction. You can use them to send out as a mailer to all who have an interest in your products and services or you can have your outside salespeople leave them on doors and in mailboxes while they’re canvassing the neighborhoods of greater Detroit. The hit rate on these return to sender post cards is a lot higher than what you see when you just leave a business card.

How would you describe your business in just a few words? Tell us and we’ll capture that description with a full color picture on a post card. Want to capture a memory from your latest vacation and send it to all your friends? Color post card printing from Detroit Print Shop can do it for you. Our cards are affordable and top quality all at the same time. Where else are you going to find something like that?

When you’re using color post cards, you’ll want to make sure there’s a code which will track a response and identify the customer as a prospect from that particular campaign. You can ask that customers call in, email, log in to a website (make sure you have a code entry feature), or mail the card back to you. Color post cards are one of the most diverse, effective, and affordable forms of advertising you can buy.

Club Flyers – Choice for the Entertainment Industry in Detroit
November 4, 2010 by Detroit Print Shop

The rich history of musical superstars in Detroit has made this city a haven for local artists on the rise.  The need to self-promote solo artists and bands has many artists looking for the right marketing solution, one that won’t cost a fortune.  Club Flyers are a great way to promote, a small investment that goes a long way. A killer design for your club flyer makes all the difference in the world, but it’s the printing that brings the piece to life. Our printing process gives us the ability to create something that will come alive when you place it in someone’s hands. They will feel the power of the music just by looking at the image we create to portray you.

Club flyer printing should be done on high gloss paper stock in full color. The durability of this material makes the flyers easy to store and gives the recipient the option of passing them on to someone else once they’ve viewed them. A normal paper flyer on lighter stock will smudge or get destroyed on the first pass, but high gloss heavy stock can bring you multiple responses. They are highly effective for distribution in congested public places like bars, restaurants, and nightclubs, the types of venues where you’ll find those who want to hear your music and catch your act live.

Detroit has produced some of the greatest artists in music for generations. From Motown to hip hop, our musical culture is as diverse as it gets and the stars are still coming out on an almost daily basis. Kid Rock passed out club flyers for over a decade before producing the first of his first top ten albums. Eminem washed dishes for five years while passing out club flyers to promote albums you have most likely never heard. Even Madonna, though not a pop musician until she moved to New York, passed out club flyers promoting her local dance group from Bay City.

In the 50’s, 60, and 70’s, when Detroit musicians were bringing the Motown sound to the rest of the world, club flyers were not what they are today. The modern print process we use now can give you vivid flyers that will come to life and show the city of Detroit exactly what you have to offer. When you pass out any item that promotes your act, your band, your event, or your business, you want it to be something that immediately attracts attention and tells your story in a single glance. That’s what our club flyers do and you can have them for a lot less than you might think.