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Month: December 2010
Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Postcards
December 20, 2010 by Detroit Print Shop

For Detroit area real estate professionals, a postcard marketing campaign can be an extremely effective method of increasing visibility and sales. Postcards can provide important information about a real estate company to a highly targeted list of potential new customers. Postcards are inexpensive when compared to other forms of advertising and they experience a high response rate when the message is compelling.

The Effective Postcard Campaign

A successful marketing postcard should include elements that will relay a message that motivates the recipient to take a predetermined action. In the planning process, it is important to incorporate a number of concepts that serve to improve response rates and enhance the chances for overall success. Here are several of the most vital strategies:

  • Grab their Attention: From the moment a person first glances at the postcard, there is a five second window to gain their interest. Above all else, a postcard must be designed to rapidly convey a message that causes the person to respond.
  • Determine the Focus: Is the intent of the postcard to attract buyers, sellers or to simply serve as an introduction for the realtor? A real estate postcard targeted toward buyers may include a listing as well as a photo of an attractive available home. A postcard directed to sellers may include helpful information such as the number of homes the realtor has sold or “average days until sold” information.
  • Be Original: The ability to present a message through a unique approach can serve to pique the recipient’s interest. This can include using tasteful humor, highlighting accomplishments or creating an innovative postcard design.
  • Focus on the Message: While design elements are important to attract attention, developing a message that conveys key information in an uncluttered manner is vital to the success of the campaign.
  • Provide a Call to Action: This can be achieved through a promotion, displaying testimonials or offering a service no other agent is providing. Whatever the mechanism, the postcard should be persuasive.
  • Use a Quality Print Shop: Quality print shops in Detroit present their customers with a variety of services that will help ensure the success of a real estate postcard marketing campaign. They will provide professional quality postcard prints and quick delivery on every order.

The Marketing Plan

Perhaps the most important aspect of a successful real estate postcard campaign is a well conceived and properly executed plan. This includes matching the design concept with the proper demographic. Planning and careful attention to details both in design and execution will result in a superior response rate and numerous legitimate lead opportunities.

Photography Postcard Printing
December 14, 2010 by Detroit Print Shop

The photography business is very competitive and it is important to continually develop new customers. Photography studios in the Detroit metropolitan area have found that a well designed postcard marketing campaign can provide superior results at a fraction of the cost of other forms of advertising.

Advantages of Postcard Marketing

Postcards can be an extremely effective way of cultivating new prospects for a photography business. Advertising campaigns can be designed in a variety of ways to provide substantial exposure to a prequalified audience. Photography postcards have numerous benefits including:

  • Low Cost: Postcards are one of the least expensive forms of mass advertising. They are inexpensive to print and cost less to mail than a first class letter.
  • Easy to Design: Designs can be selected from stock templates or custom created.
  • Specific Target Markets: Highly targeted lists are available for nearly every demographic imaginable. This includes geographic areas as well as those who have upcoming specific events such as weddings, conventions, etc.
  • Visual Appeal: Photography is a visual medium. Postcards present the studio with an opportunity to demonstrate their skill by providing examples of their work. Photographs directed toward specific events such as weddings are particularly effective.

Important Design Considerations

A key element in implementing a successful photography postcard campaign is developing an appealing concept. At first glance the postcard must catch and hold the recipient’s attention. Elements of style and color should be combined with well conceived written content.

It is also important to balance text and images. While including a quality photo can be persuasive, the text must communicate a message that compels the customer to contact the photography studio for more information.

Offering promotions or discounts with expiration dates is another effective method of creating interest. It is also critical to recognize that higher rates of return are achieved through regular mailings to tightly targeted groups.

Photography Postcard Printing

Once the postcard design is finished and the layout has been established, the final copy must always be checked for errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar. Detroit Print Shop can also offer suggestions and guidance on improving various elements of the postcard if necessary.

When the final proof is approved, the actual printing will commence. Detroit Print Shop offers a variety of postcard sizes and paper options including recycled stock. Their professional approach ensures exceptional quality, great service and fast delivery on every order.

Medical Business Cards for Healthcare Practitioners
December 9, 2010 by Detroit Print Shop

A business card serves many purposes for a medical practitioner. They can be used to convey essential information while creating a favorable impression. For every provider of medical services, it is particularly important to present patients, customers and vendors with a business card that reflects both trust and professionalism.

Medical business cards are appropriate for nearly everyone that works in the field of medicine, not just physicians. This would include therapists, administrators, caregivers, technicians and a variety of other disciplines that support the medical industry.

The Importance of a Medical Business Card

Those involved in any aspect of the medical profession recognize that it is a fast paced environment with constantly changing relationship dynamics. Frequent contact between patients, vendors, colleagues and co-workers occurs regularly and a business card can help facilitate more effective communication.

Consultations between medical professionals and patients often take place under adverse conditions. The patient can be experiencing pain, emotional stress and time pressure. A well designed business card that includes important details about the practitioner and their professional status provides vital information that can be referred to at a later time. Medical business cards are also used by patients to refer others to the care provider.

For those on the support side of the medical industry, business cards are especially important. While patients often establish a direct relationship with the primary physician, other members of the medical team are less visible. A medical business card presents patients with the names and contact information for support personnel whose services may be required in the future.

Design Considerations

Medical business cards can incorporate a variety of different styles. They may include a traditional basic design that only contains essential details on a simple background. Symbols or color can be added to create a more visually appealing card or to draw attention to a particular specialty. Business cards can even be printed on both sides to serve a dual purpose by including space for entering appointment dates and times.

Quality print shops offer both online and graphic design services that will provide the appropriate business card for professionals engaged in every aspect of the medical industry.

Marketing in Medicine

Well designed medical business cards are an excellent method of giving patients and clients vital information about the provider while serving as an unassuming marketing tool as well.

Benefits of Flyer Printing for Restaurants
December 1, 2010 by Detroit Print Shop

It seems flyer printing has been around forever. So is it still as effective as it once was? Furthermore, is it relevant to the restaurant industry? And why should you choose to print flyers to promote your restaurant over other mediums of marketing?  Below, we take a brief look at these questions and why you might consider using flyer printing for your Detroit restaurant promotion.

There are many alternatives that one can take to promote a restaurant. However, the fact remains, flyer printing has been, and still is, a primary method of promotion for all businesses. This method not only produces results but requires very little capital, with minimal ongoing costs.

Because restaurants tend to have high volumes of customers in a short period of time, flyers are perfect complement for distributing large quantities. Therefore it makes sense to also purchase in large quantities. The larger the quantity ordered, the bigger the discounts, allowing you to scale this method very inexpensively. The ability to distribute high volume at low costs translates into an effective advertising medium for the masses.

A simple design is all that is required to start flyer advertising. If you are operating on a tight budget, this can even be done yourself. However keep in mind, having professionals do the design and printing will almost always produce better results.  Flyer advertising generates great publicity for your restaurant. Getting them into the hands of prospects can produce a good first impression. If the design is striking enough, the overall effectiveness of the campaign will increase threefold!

Flyers can produce an almost immediate effect. Try handing out flyers outside your restaurant at lunchtime with a good design and tempting offer. The next day, don’t be surprised if you see customers lining up outside your door.  Impulse purchases are a natural byproduct of flyers. Therefore, handing out flyers at the right time (afternoons and evenings for most restaurants) and in decent volume, will likely tempt new customers into trying your new special of the day.

Flyer printing offers any business owner the flexibility to adapt new offers and designs between campaigns, with ease and minimal cost. They are particularly suited to the hospitality and restaurant industry and should be your first consideration when looking to promote your business.

Do you own a business or restaurant in Detroit? Flyer printing is a proven and cost-effective solution to build your success.