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Month: February 2011
Pet Brochure Design and Printing
February 23, 2011 by Detroit Print Shop

Pet Brochure PrintingBusinesses that focus on pet related products and services rely on a sound marketing plan and printed materials to increase sales and attract new customers. For pet care professionals in Detroit, pet brochure advertising provides an effective means of promoting your business while highlighting unique services, discounts, events and qualifications.

Brochures are inexpensive when compared to other forms of advertising, and they can be distributed in a variety of ways that will maximize their effectiveness. For dog groomers, pet walking services, supply stores, pet motels and veterinarians, pet brochures will raise visibility and help differentiate a business from its competitors.

Pet Brochure Design Elements

Brochures offer an opportunity to explain and display important aspects of a pet business in depth. There are certain design techniques that will prove most effective in drawing the potential customer’s attention. It is important to remember that the key to success in brochure development is presenting a clear message that compels the reader to inquire further.

  • Stress Competence and Compassion: People care deeply about their pets and often consider them part of the family. In every aspect of the pet care industry, they want to know that the provider has a passion for animals. It is important to stress professional experience and credentials while conveying a sense of concern for every client’s pet.
  • Include Photographs: Happy looking pets, quality products and clean facilities will serve to illustrate the concern and care the pet business owner gives to every animal. Only attractive high definition photos should be included, and using the services of a professional photographer may be appropriate.
  • List Services in Detail: List important and unique services and provide a detailed explanation for each one. While customers will look at pictures first, their primary interest in the pet brochure is learning how the various services can benefit them or their pet.
  • Organized Layout: It is important to create a layout that incorporates color and font in a way that is will prove eye catching without appearing confused or cluttered. Detroit area print shops can provide graphic design services to ensure that the finished brochure is stylish and effective.

Brochure Printing

Every pet care business that is looking to increase sales can benefit from promotional pet brochures. Detroit area print shops offer full service printing in Ann Arbor, Dearborn, Downriver, Flint, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Royal Oak, Troy and the surrounding areas. They can help select the appropriate paper size, quality and folding options, while producing informative brochures that will generate interest, increase sales and attract new clients.

Hair Salon Promotional Printing
February 20, 2011 by Detroit Print Shop

hair salon promotional printingProfessional hair care is a thriving industry, but it is also fiercely competitive. To assure the continued success of a hair salon, promotional printing is a vital component in the ongoing effort to attract and retain customers.

Different Advertising Options

In Detroit, hair salon printing services offer budget conscious business owners and stylists the opportunity to reach a wide audience with a minimal investment. There are many available choices in printed promotional materials and each one presents its own distinctive advantages.

  • Business Cards: The most important element in every hair salon marketing campaign is a well designed business card. Business cards can be used to convey a particular image as well as provide important contact information. They can also serve as appointment reminders and help encourage client referrals. Since hair salon business cards are small and inexpensive, they can be attached to public bulletin boards and widely distributed in other public venues.
  • Brochures: Since the printable area is significantly larger, brochures give the hair salon owner an opportunity to present their products and services in greater detail. Including attractive images along with compelling text can help differentiate the salon from its competitors. A brochure
    is a perfect channel for highlighting accreditations, stylist biographies, and unique client benefits.
  • Flyers: Flyers are an ideal marketing vehicle for a hair salon that wants their message updated frequently. Since printing costs are nominal, updated editions can be released regularly and include coupons, discounts, new services or beauty and hairstyling tips.
  • Posters: A poster displayed in the window of a hair salon can display powerful images and messages about the store, its services and practitioners. Posters can be viewed from a considerable distance and will attract the attention of everyone that passes by the store.

Printing Design

Printed marketing and advertising offers an affordable way of presenting products and services to large numbers of prospective clients. Regardless of the promotional printing product, all materials require careful consideration throughout the development process. This includes selecting attractive photographs and creating text that is informative and persuasive. It is important to always include detailed contact information and proof read the piece thoroughly prior to printing. To avoid a design that appears disorganized and cluttered, different fonts and colors should be used sensibly.

For hair salons in Ann Arbor, Dearborn, Downriver, Flint, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Royal Oak and Troy, Detroit Print Shop offers a variety of services and selections that will help produce the perfect hair salon marketing piece.

Important Elements in Real Estate Brochure Design
February 17, 2011 by Detroit Print Shop

real estate brochure printingReal estate professionals recognize the importance of creating a distinctive image for themselves, their company and the properties they represent. A well designed real estate brochure can be used as an effective marketing piece that will inform prospective clients of the agent’s experience and notable accomplishments. High definition images and listing details can be displayed on quality paper stock to enhance the appeal of the property to prospective buyers.

Brochures have the distinct advantage of providing more space for detailed presentations. The agent can offer additional information about their hobbies and affiliations that may create connections with potential clients. When using a brochure to market a home, adding more photos can help a buyer determine their level of interest prior to requesting a showing.

Brochure Design

For agents in Detroit, real estate brochure design should always contain at least four essential elements regardless of the layout style. This includes using a recent appealing photo, adding the company logo, providing contact information and developing well written copy with a call to action.

There are several other important components that will help ensure that the brochure is effective in attracting the attention of potential clients.

  • Match the Design Theme to the Property: Every brochure should contain a theme that serves to accentuate the agent, the company and the property itself. This revolves around the proper use of color, shading, photos and fonts.
  • Utilize Every Page in the Brochure: While it is important to avoid cluttered designs, brochures for real estate can never provide too much information. With many different brochure printing sizes and folding options, each page can be used to further enhance the image of the agent and property.
  • Create a Compelling Headline: Brochure readers are naturally drawn to the focal point of a brochure. A persuasive headline and an attractive image both serve to engage the reader and encourage them to learn more.
  • Stress Benefits: The copy must always highlight the selling points of the property and the qualifications of the sales agent in a friendly but informative manner. The goal is to create a favorable impression and induce the potential buyer to take further action.
  • Proofread the Material: It is extremely important to have several different people read through the brochure to check for errors prior to printing. Undiscovered grammatical and spelling mistakes can result in unnecessary time delays and added expense.


When the real estate brochure design is completed, Detroit Print Shop can offer a variety of printing services. Their commitment to customer service and timely delivery will ensure that deadlines are met and that results exceed expectations.

Spa and Massage Therapy Flyers
February 15, 2011 by Detroit Print Shop

spa and massage therapy flyersSuccess in the spa and massage therapy business is largely driven through word of mouth recommendations from satisfied customers. Unfortunately, the process required to establish a loyal and substantial clientele can take far too long. To increase store traffic and gain referrals more quickly, well designed spa and massage therapy flyers will help promote a business and its services to a multitude of potential customers.

For the cost conscious therapist or business owner, spa and message therapy flyers are the perfect marketing choice. Since they are inexpensive to produce, frequent printing of updated editions will keep the message fresh and timely. A well designed marketing plan that includes aggressive flyer distribution will ensure that the company name and logo remains recognizable to prospective clients.

Flyer Design

There are a number of design elements that should be included in message therapy and spa flyers to attract and hold the recipients attention.

  • Use Color instead of Black and White: Although color printing may be marginally more expensive, color flyers are far more eye catching than black and white. Color printing also conveys a sophisticated business image and a sense of legitimacy.
  • Include an Attention Grabbing Headline or Photo: An appealing photograph and an interesting headline will draw the reader’s attention. Always try and place this type of information in the center of the page where it will be the most conspicuous.
  • Contact Information: In addition to the business name, location, email address, and phone numbers, always include relevant practitioner license numbers and the company logo. This can also be an area where a short bio of the owner and key employees can be incorporated.
  • Highlight Products and Services: Since customers are savvy in Detroit, spa and message therapy flyers should include a detailed list of services, prices and benefits. Unique specialties can be detailed along with descriptions of the parlor and its atmosphere.
  • Special Offers and Call to Action: Discount coupons can serve as an excellent incentive to make a phone call or book an appointment. Whatever the mechanism, the flyer should compel the recipient to seek further information about the business or its services.

Flyer Printing

For salon owners in Ann Arbor, Dearborn, Downriver, Flint, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Royal Oak, Troy and Detroit, spa flyers can help to raise visibility and attract new customers to the business. Detroit Print Shop can provide assistance with graphic design, logo creation and a variety of other printing options.

Online Printing Design Help
February 7, 2011 by Detroit Print Shop

Online Printing DesignOnline printers offer exceptional benefits when compared to traditional neighborhood print stores. They offer a wide array of printing options, exceptional convenience, cost savings and quality products delivered to meet tight deadlines.

However some businesses remain reluctant to use online printing services because they are intimidated by the design process. For those requiring printing design help, modern online print shops offer a variety of tools that will assist the customer in creating the perfect promotional marketing piece.

Regardless of which design method is chosen, it is important to have selected the conceptual elements prior to the actual development of the material. This includes establishing the message and a preliminary layout to evaluate the flow of the text and graphics.


Quality online printers offer a variety of templates that can be used to inspire creative designs.  Templates are available by size and folding options for virtually every product the printer offers.

Online designs are available in numerous varieties that afford various levels of modification.  This includes templates that allow for a single image, multiple image options, and blank templates that can be completely customized. The right choice for a particular project will depend on the amount of text and the type of graphics that need to be included. Assembling images, copy, backgrounds and fonts will help the process proceed in an orderly manner.

Templates are available for single sided and double sided printing as well as color and black and white. Projects can be saved and recalled to incorporate additional changes or alterations for future printing.

In House Assistance

For those who prefer to have their designs created by a professional, the better online print shops offer advanced development services to their clients. For graphic design, they utilize an extensive library of images and photographs to create a piece that is a reflection of the customer’s vision and ideas.

With state of the art equipment, designers continually work to create memorable brochures, flyers, postcards and other promotional materials that will enhance visibility and establish brand identity. Regardless of the size or complexity of the job, an online printer’s graphic design team can fashion a message that will attract attention and convey professionalism.

Committed to the Client

Whatever level of experience or guidance the customer needs, design printing help is available to ensure that promotional materials are effective and memorable. The online printer’s expertise and experience in projects of all sizes will result in a successful campaign with minimal associated costs.

Online Printing Companies
February 4, 2011 by Detroit Print Shop

Online Printing CompaniesWhile the internet serves as an excellent forum for business promotions, print materials still remain a vital component for any successful marketing effort. As technology continues to evolve, conducting business from remote locations has become increasingly common. For brochures, business cards, flyers, stationary and other printed materials, online printing companies offer exceptional services at competitive prices.

There are many advantages in hiring an online printing company. Understanding the differences between the local bricks and mortar print shop and an online printer can help a business make the right printing choice.


One of the primary advantages in choosing an online printer is substantial cost savings. Most online printing companies have a high volume of business on a continuing basis. This allows them to maximize efficiency and offer steep discounts compared to smaller neighborhood stores.

Operating expenses are also substantially reduced since online printers do not have to pay for retail space and the salaries of store employees. These savings translate into exceptional discounts that are passed on to customers.


Convenience is another appealing aspect of using an online printer. Orders can be completed from the comfort of a home or office. Rather than traveling to a store and waiting for a customer service person, all transactions are done electronically. This includes ordering, transmitting materials, payment and delivery. This process helps avoid bottlenecks and expedites orders.

Online printers are available 24/7 since they exist in the virtual world. This allows the customer to select services and enter orders when it is convenient for them rather during store hours established by the print shop.

More Services and Options

Since online printers have an extensive customer base and deal in high volumes, they offer a complete line of print services and options. In addition to the traditional items like flyers, business cards and brochures, online printers offer a myriad of other products such as calendars, postcards, CD packages, table tents, special shapes and European business cards.

For customers that have ongoing printing requirements, online printers also provide professional graphic design services as well as logo and corporate identify creation. Throughout the process, specific details are transmitted between the printer and the customer until final approval is given.

Traditional printing stores often have limited options for paper stock and different sizes. Online printers have sufficient volume to provide the full compliment of different grades and sizes of paper including recycled stock. Online printers also offer templates, free sample kits and folding options for brochures and flyers.


Quality online printers often work within tight deadlines. They recognize the importance of delivering quality products in a reliable and efficient manner. Their expertise in high volume printing and shipping ensures that the merchandise will arrives on time, in tact and will exceed professional standards.

European Business Cards
February 1, 2011 by Detroit Print Shop

European Business CardsAs a result of the internet and advances in international communications, the global economy has created numerous business opportunities throughout the world. Successfully conducting business in Europe involves understanding the continent as a whole and adapting to the local customs of each country individually.

Depending on the specific area of Europe where business is being conducted, language barriers and cultural differences may complicate the sales and negotiation process. Appropriately designed European business cards are critical in conveying a professional image to potential international customers.

European Design Characteristics

Regardless of the country, businesses cards usually serve as a formal introduction for a company’s representative. It is important that business cards conform to the standard protocol of the country where they will be handed out. It is advisable to include the following elements when creating European business cards.

  • Proper Sizing: The size of European business cards differs from the American standard. Cards targeted for distribution in Europe must be 3.35” X 2.17” (85mm X 55mm).
  • Multi Language: Business cards that contain text in the host country’s native language are more readily accepted and appreciated. Usually placed on the back of the card, information that is printed in the indigenous language will convey sincerity and appreciation for the country’s culture.
  • Consider a Native Speaker for Creating Content: Using a citizen of the country to proofread the piece helps ensure that translations accurately communicate the appropriate message.
  • Use Color Cautiously: Certain color combination of background and font tend to obscure contrast. This can result in misinterpretation of the lettering and create unintended spelling errors. Remember that color is not always accurately reproduced if the client photocopies the card.
  • Include the Country of Origin: While it is unnecessary to print the name of the country on a business card created for the U.S market, cards designed for Europe should always include the country of origin in the address. Multinational companies deal with vendors from across the globe, and a lack of reference to the vendor’s own country can make the contact process more difficult.
  • Include the International Calling Code: This is a courtesy to prospective customers.


When exchanging business cards, European decision makers expect to receive a professionally printed card that includes all the appropriate information required to facilitate future contact.

When choosing a print shop, it is important to select a printer that has experience in producing European business cards specifically designed for the market. This includes knowledge of the size difference as well as the unique Roman font requirements.