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Month: June 2011
Marketing Materials For Day Care Centers
June 27, 2011 by Detroit Print Shop

marketing for day care centersIf you are looking at tools that could help you promote your childcare or day care services, a brochure can be a compelling proposition. A well-crafted brochure is not only one of the best tools for advertising but also provides a good medium to anticipate and answer any questions that future clients are likely to have. The key is to convey the care and love that you have invested in nurturing an appropriate and healthy environment for the child. You can rely on Detroit Print Shop to deliver you with the right set of templates, designs, counseling on identity creation, and provide you an end-to-end print and delivery solution.

Creating a compelling, attractive and effective childcare brochure is a meticulous task. With many of your competitors taking a similar approach, you need to be sure that you are not using the same clichéd images and outdated designs that every other business out there is using. If your approach is similar to that of the others, you lose out on the opportunity to create a distinct identity for yourself and the ability to stand out from the competition.

Brochures and flyers are supposed to grab attention and get your audience to act. To stand out, you need to choose compelling colors that convey the care that you invest in your kids. Secondly, build appropriate content that talks about your services, the quality and hygiene standards that you maintain, and most of all stress on how the staff in your organization is well equipped to attend to the needs of the kids.

At, we use our years of experience designing brochures and flyers for the childcare industry.  We look into every aspect of your business and help you create the differentiator through your brochure design, content, and graphics. It is all about reflecting the unique personality that you have built up for your business over the years. We recommend that you include photographs of children from your day care in your brochure. Besides contact information, you could also include some FAQs detailing your credentials, your requirements, and so on.

With an experienced professional print shop, you will get help in choosing the right type of fold (tri-fold, half-fold, gate-fold, or Z fold), paper stock, and color options. Detroit Print Shop will help provide you with a professional and striking brochure that will be unmatched by the competition.

Restaurant Brochures that Will Captivate Your Customers
June 20, 2011 by Detroit Print Shop

Brochures can play a critical role in attracting new patrons to a restaurant establishment. Well designed restaurant brochures can be used to display the restaurant’s name and logo while helping to build brand identity. Appealing pictures of beverages and specialties can tempt the palette and entice customers to visit the restaurant, and sample the cuisine.

When also serving as a take out menu, restaurant brochures can provide patrons with a complete selection of breakfast, lunch, and dinner items along with prices and delivery terms. Unlike an in-house menu, it is appropriate to include advertisements, coupons, and more detailed information on the restaurant itself. When handed to customers as they leave the restaurant, restaurant brochures tend to be kept for extended periods and used as a handy reference for future orders.

Creating a Successful Restaurant Brochure

A restaurant brochure should always contain contact information for the restaurant, that includes dedicated take out phone numbers as well as a website address. It is also important to incorporate information relating to the restaurant’s reservation policy, group parties, and any other services that are offered.

A restaurant brochure can serve as a highly effective form of advertising and marketing when the appropriate design elements are included in the development process.

  • Emphasize Visuals: Attractive photographs of the interior and exterior of the restaurant will convey the type of dining atmosphere prospective customers will experience when they arrive. Photographs also subtly communicate the type of attire that is appropriate along with the expected price range for the menu items.
    Photos of specific dishes can also be used to attract potential customers by appealing to their senses, and compelling them to sample the cuisine. Signature dishes, tantalizing appetizers, ethic delights, and delicious deserts captured by a professional photographer will create a strong favorable impression with new and regular patrons.
  • Maintain Organized Content: Particularly for restaurant brochures, customers are looking for a quick reference. Menu sections should contain bold headings for the different food segments, and prices should be clearly displayed. It is important to place the take out phone number prominently on either the front cover or back page of the brochure.
  • Pick Colors and Fonts Carefully: To help create a unique identity and brand awareness, colors and fonts should be used to accentuate the atmosphere, style and type of cuisine the restaurant offers. A restaurant brochure is more effective when it serves as a compliment to the in-house menu and other promotional materials.

Detroit Print Shop can help with every phase of the restaurant brochure development process. Our extensive experience in graphic design, paper stock selection, and folding options will ensure that the finished brochure will enhance the image of the business and attract many new customers.