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Month: July 2011
Using Glossy Color Postcards for High Impact Advertising
July 22, 2011 by Detroit Print Shop

glossy color postcardsAny business small or big requires visibility with potential customers. While big businesses have the wherewithal to invest in huge promotional activities, for small businesses there may be budgetary constraints in terms of the amount that can be invested in advertising. Glossy color postcards can be one effective medium for such businesses; with the initial investments being very low the potential impact can be huge. Detroit Print Shop has unique solutions that can be customized for your business.

Full color postcards are one of the most sensible ways to invest for your marketing campaigns or promotional activities. With the advanced printing technology available today, it is easy to add a new dimension to your promotions through the use of glossy, full color postcards. To get the best possible effects and to make them stand out, use good content, photographs and images that are attractive and catch the eye easily. When you use glossy prints, it enhances the quality, finish and feel of the material, which would leave a favorable impression with the reader. With Detroit Print Shop’s online designer, it is easy for anyone these days to create great postcard designs on his or her own. If you have limited time, you can easily take the help of professional artists and designers who can do the job for you.

One of the main advantages of using glossy full color postcards is in the details that you can achieve in the printing and the low price. If you have access to a professional printer, they would be able to guide you on the quality you will receive. A good printer can guide you on the type of material, the job format, and the sizes that are apt for the type of promotion you have planned. Since a postcard would be sent through the mail, you need to ensure that it arrives to the recipient in tiptop shape. When printing your materials, make sure you choose nice thick and heavy paper stock. Make your postcard stand out in the crowd, choose an unconventional size, print it in a format that’s bigger than the standard postcard size, and you can be sure that your message will get noticed.

These days you can take advantage of online access to professional printers.  It is simply a matter of visiting their website, choosing a template that suits your requirements, view samples in their gallery, choose the appropriate material, pay online and your order will be processed, printed and delivered to you. At Detroit Print Shop, we can offer you the convenience of all these items at very affordable rates.  Also, you have access to a team of professionals, if you require their help for any aspect of your order.

Developing A Brochure That Generates Results
July 16, 2011 by Detroit Print Shop

Think of the times you have been to an expo and picked up those brochures from the display racks. Have you ever wondered why you picked up certain brochures in preference to others? One persuasive reason is their appeal besides of course the relevance of information contained therein. Catchy, well-crafted product brochures are a sure way to capture attention. Over and above, if you can provide structured, useful information that is relevant to the user’s needs, your brochure will have achieved its purpose of establishing meaningful communication with your prospect.

An attractive product brochure is a starting point for your marketing and communication strategy. There are several aspects to designing a good product brochure. The first and most important piece of information is the cover. Put a strong selling message across on the cover page that motivates the audience to flip open the brochure. Include visuals. As they say, a picture can convey a thousand words; intersperse your content with appropriate visuals that are relevant to the context, tell your story with compelling graphics and with headings, subheadings and content that explains the copy block in a clear and unambiguous way. Be easy on the eyes, page after page of text can scare away a potential customer.  We recommend using visuals that show how the product works because they are great for illustrating the benefits and conveying the gist of the product.

Lay stress on neat, clean, and professional layouts. Avoid unnecessary graphics and cluttering of content. Remember that the design should be able to draw the reader in and be an aid to their reading. Content is king and the design should not distract the reader from the text.

More often than not, brochures fail to be effective as they lack a call to action. After all, you want your potential customers to act. Give them that motivation and aid them by providing appropriate information on the product or service.

The creation of an important tool for your business should ideally be left to professionals. At Detroit Print Shop, we ensure that each brochure that we create will help you generate results.

Optimizing The Use Of Full Color Flyers for Your Business
July 7, 2011 by Detroit Print Shop

Custom flyers are a great way to promote your business at a corporate event or a trade show. In fact, full color flyers are proven to secure great returns for your marketing investment. The right design and appropriate marketing can help build your brand, your business, get your sales tills ringing and most of all enable you to grab more attention. At Detroit Print Shop, we have been helping out clients across the region by doing business flyers and sell sheets for them through the years.

Often small businesses and even some of the bigger ones do not have in-house expertise to design and produce top-notch flyers. An effective trade show flyer needs to attract attention, and also should be able to convey your business message across to the readers. Trade Show flyers are a great way for high impact marketing campaigns. You need to get it right and get the direct message across to your customers. They need to have top-notch graphics. Focus on designing affordable flyers but at the same time be distinctive enough to separate your business from the competition.  The right information and high quality are essential to build effective content and a campaign that is powerful. With competition being fierce, you really need to think out-of-the-box and give a fresh look to your collaterals.

One important, but often neglected aspect of flyers is the choice of printing. There can be several options in color in addition to the type of paper or printing stock that you use. Trade show flyers are best printed on thick paper or card stock. You can even choose from some great preset shapes, sizes, and folding options that are offered through Detroit Print Shop.

Use the opportunity of a trade show to actually show off your product and services. Whether you are into retail, real-estate, mortgages, insurance or hospitality, there is always an appropriate design that can help leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Bookmark Printing For Your Business
July 1, 2011 by Detroit Print Shop

bookmark printing Bookmarks are a great advertising tool and are quite popular too. They have a huge appeal across a wide cross-section of people. They are useful for readers and can leave a lasting impression.  Moreover, these days’ bookmarks are also being used to promote causes and help catch the attention of a particular group that matches your target profile. They are also widely used as a promotional giveaway.

When designing a bookmark, focus on three aspects – the heading, the content or the message and the visual appeal. The heading is the giveaway – it conveys the story or the theme and therefore should be succinct, crisp, and catchy. The message is a follow-up from your heading and should be carefully crafted to target your audience appropriately. In most cases, it would be a subtle call to action. Use white spaces judiciously, and keep your bookmark clutter free. It helps guide your reader to the content and also helps convey the seriousness of your approach.

Bookmarks are usually printed on a thicker paper stock. The evolution of the printing technology has ensured that you get a plethora of printing options. Any good printer would be able to put professional finishing touches that can leave a lasting impression. Detroit Print Shop can help you streamline the printing process. Our repeatable and structured service ensures that you have access to affordable printing options and quality that is excellent each and every time.

Printing bookmarks is definitely a great option to promote your business and can help you leverage your reputation; provide an edge over the competition and guaranteed reach to your target clientele. All this at a fraction of the cost that you would have otherwise spent promoting your event or services!