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Month: October 2011
Choosing the Right Paper Stock to Fit Your Needs
October 20, 2011 by Detroit Print Shop

When preparing to buy new printed materials for your business, it’s easy to focus entirely on the design that goes on the page. Layout, lettering and print quality are all very important factors in getting great looking high quality business cards, full color flyers or any printed material, but they are not the only consideration. The strength, durability, and professional appearance of your printed materials depends on having the right paper stock for the job at hand.

Choosing the right paper stock can be difficult. There are so many different kinds, often with qualities that are not easily visible to the untrained eye. Relying on the expertise of a professional print shop can take the guesswork out of choosing your paper stock. Detroit Print Shop relies primarily on a 14-point UV-coated glossy paper stock that is ideal for many different applications. This versatile paper stock can be used for everything from printed postcards to business cards, and provides a great look at a low price. The 100 lb gloss cover is a very popular choice for flyers and brochures.

Detroit Print Shop also offers several other options for high quality business cards. Customers can choose from a 14 point premium uncoated stock or a 16 point Dull Cover with matte finish. Also, we offer a variety of choices for other applications. Brochure printing can be done on 80 lb Gloss Book or Recycled paper with aqueous coating, 100 lb Gloss Book or Gloss Cover with aqueous coating, or 100 lb Recycled Matte Cover with aqueous coating.

All of these choices can seem confusing and obscure at first. Detroit Print Shop’s free print samples make it easy to try several styles and choose what stock looks exactly right for your materials. Our cutting-edge Heidelberg Offset press makes sure that whatever stock you choose, the printing on it will look great.

Marketing Materials for Your Political Campaign
October 6, 2011 by Detroit Print Shop

An effective political campaign needs plenty of promotional material. Even with the spread of internet campaigning, there’s nothing like a postcard in the mail or a brochure that voters can hold in their hands and read. To maximize the effectiveness of your marketing material, you need to be creative, cost-effective, and consumer-savvy. During a contested campaign, voters will be receiving a great deal of information on the candidates and their positions. Printed postcards, full color flyers, and other materials will likely be available for all the candidates. It’s important that yours be eye-catching and professional, projecting the qualities you want voters to see in you and your campaign.

Many campaign teams are surprised at how much printed material is necessary for a campaign. From printed postcards to yard signs, bookmarks to full-sized posters, there’s a lot of material, each with its own design needs. It’s fine to print internal documents on a home printer or at a copy shop, but many campaigns do not have a dedicated layout artist or graphic designer on their team. Add to that the need to make every campaign dollar count, and promotional materials can quickly become a major headache. That doesn’t have to be the case, though.

The best way to achieve the professional look you need without the hassle and expense is by using a professional printing company. Choose a leading online printing company that offers top quality printing. While some print shop prices may be through the roof, it is important to remember there are also many places that are extremely cost-effective. Build a relationship with a print specialist that will work with you and your campaign to find exactly the look you desire. A successful print shop will provide you with a full range of printed materials to suit your needs. From simple things like bookmark printing and brochure printing to more complex orders like banners and yard signs, your campaign needs a unique, unified image that will solidify your identity in the minds of voters.