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Familiarizing Types of Bookmarks
March 26, 2015 by Detroit Print Shop

Everyone who reads has found themselves flipping through a book to find out where they are up to. This is a painful and time consuming as the future plot can be revealed. So, in order to reduce the frustration use a bookmark – the humble insert that always does what it is told!

Bookmarks can be made from almost any thin and flat material that does not spoil the book in any way. They are inserted into the required page with part of the bookmark, protruding the book, so that the place can easily be found later.

There are many types of bookmarks and the more common ones are listed below.

1. Ribbon Bookmarks: Bookmarks made from ribbon are the earliest types that were mass-produced, giving the user of the ribbon bookmark a sense of history. These bookmarks are made from a fabric, of various widths and lengths that are longer than the spine of the book that it will be used with.

2. Informative Bookmarks: These bookmarks serve a duel purpose in that they identify a place in the book and provide a place to write notes for further reference. This type of bookmark is used in non-fiction and reference books by people who are studying and are usually made from card stock. When using multiple bookmarks care needs to be exercised to ensure they do not fall out of place when handling the book.

3. Home-made Bookmarks: Home-made bookmarks are probably the most common and are made by the readers from almost anything that is thin enough to use. Paper and card are the most common materials used, although textiles are used as well. Different shaped bookmarks are also created in this category. Some home-made bookmarks include favorite “cut down” photographs.

4. Promotional Bookmarks: Bookmarks are used to promote all kinds of products that book readers could use. Some book publishes and authors produce bookmarks to promote their books. Movies have also known to be promoted in this way.

5. Decorative Bookmarks: Decorative bookmarks can be purchased form good bookshops, libraries and reputable online sellers. As implied by the heading, these bookmarks are decorated in some way, either with pictures, images, tassels, figurines or any other ornaments that may be of interest. Children’s bookmarks are usually much more colorful and depicted with characters of current interest. Some decorations are simply achieved by different shapes.

6. Paperclip Bookmark: The paper clip bookmark is usually made from very thin metal, plastic or wood. They clip onto the page like a normal paperclip and will not easily “drop out” of the book. A good choice for those who read on trains and buses. Care must be taken when using the paperclip bookmark as it can easily rip thin sheets of a book.

7. Corner Bookmark: The corner bookmark is made paper of very thin metal and is placed over the corner of a page, with the leaf of the book within the sleeve of the bookmark. They are in the shape of an equilateral triangle with the equal sides being usually between one and a half inches (or 35 mm) and two and a half inches (or 65mm) long and the opening on the hypotenuse side. If you get that you are real good! Another way to think about the corner bookmark is to think of a corner cut off an envelope!

There will no doubt be other bookmarks and new bookmarks will be designed, perhaps with microchips built-in to store information for use on a computer, or an integrated bookmark with a book-light.

Select the bookmark that you will enjoy using!

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Marketing Materials for Your Political Campaign
October 6, 2011 by Detroit Print Shop

An effective political campaign needs plenty of promotional material. Even with the spread of internet campaigning, there’s nothing like a postcard in the mail or a brochure that voters can hold in their hands and read. To maximize the effectiveness of your marketing material, you need to be creative, cost-effective, and consumer-savvy. During a contested campaign, voters will be receiving a great deal of information on the candidates and their positions. Printed postcards, full color flyers, and other materials will likely be available for all the candidates. It’s important that yours be eye-catching and professional, projecting the qualities you want voters to see in you and your campaign.

Many campaign teams are surprised at how much printed material is necessary for a campaign. From printed postcards to yard signs, bookmarks to full-sized posters, there’s a lot of material, each with its own design needs. It’s fine to print internal documents on a home printer or at a copy shop, but many campaigns do not have a dedicated layout artist or graphic designer on their team. Add to that the need to make every campaign dollar count, and promotional materials can quickly become a major headache. That doesn’t have to be the case, though.

The best way to achieve the professional look you need without the hassle and expense is by using a professional printing company. Choose a leading online printing company that offers top quality printing. While some print shop prices may be through the roof, it is important to remember there are also many places that are extremely cost-effective. Build a relationship with a print specialist that will work with you and your campaign to find exactly the look you desire. A successful print shop will provide you with a full range of printed materials to suit your needs. From simple things like bookmark printing and brochure printing to more complex orders like banners and yard signs, your campaign needs a unique, unified image that will solidify your identity in the minds of voters.

Bookmark Printing For Your Business
July 1, 2011 by Detroit Print Shop

bookmark printing Bookmarks are a great advertising tool and are quite popular too. They have a huge appeal across a wide cross-section of people. They are useful for readers and can leave a lasting impression.  Moreover, these days’ bookmarks are also being used to promote causes and help catch the attention of a particular group that matches your target profile. They are also widely used as a promotional giveaway.

When designing a bookmark, focus on three aspects – the heading, the content or the message and the visual appeal. The heading is the giveaway – it conveys the story or the theme and therefore should be succinct, crisp, and catchy. The message is a follow-up from your heading and should be carefully crafted to target your audience appropriately. In most cases, it would be a subtle call to action. Use white spaces judiciously, and keep your bookmark clutter free. It helps guide your reader to the content and also helps convey the seriousness of your approach.

Bookmarks are usually printed on a thicker paper stock. The evolution of the printing technology has ensured that you get a plethora of printing options. Any good printer would be able to put professional finishing touches that can leave a lasting impression. Detroit Print Shop can help you streamline the printing process. Our repeatable and structured service ensures that you have access to affordable printing options and quality that is excellent each and every time.

Printing bookmarks is definitely a great option to promote your business and can help you leverage your reputation; provide an edge over the competition and guaranteed reach to your target clientele. All this at a fraction of the cost that you would have otherwise spent promoting your event or services!

Branding Your Coffee Shop with Bookmarks
May 10, 2011 by Detroit Print Shop

Competition is high and you want to stand out from the crowd. You have been doing all the hard work and your coffee shop has created pretty positive impressions. You want the impressions to last; you have been thinking about creative campaigns and ways to keep repeating those positive impressions. A simple bookmark can do wonders to your campaign. Yes, people still do read books and an attractively designed bookmark could be a perfect gift to your customers.

Bookmarks have been one of the finest marketing collateral that has been used for generations to create brand awareness. A well designed one can build a loyalty and recall that would last a lifetime. Your message on an attractive reusable bookmark will be seen over and over again. They are great giveaways and yes, readers do love their bookmarks, and some even value them as collectables. Most importantly, bookmarks are really practical and useful, and are therefore the perfect gift for readers.

Script a suitable message, create some custom graphics and leave them on your coffee tables, at your sales counter, and put them in a handful of your carry out bags. Your message should always bear your customer in mind; so personalize them, create themes – for example, one could be for the traveler, one for the avid reader, one for people who love gardening, one for the coffee connoisseur, and so on. Rope in the services of a team of creative graphic designers and copywriters and get them to create an effective design that gels with your brand strategy.

Some ideas – you could build a coupon promoting a campaign, design an attractive bookmark with your promotional information on the back, promote your loyalty card, build-in a feedback card on bookmarks that you keep on your coffee tables, and cleverly imprint your logo on each of these. You would be amazed at the recall factor that a carefully crafted bookmark creates.

The best part about bookmarks – they are cheap to print unless you are doing something very fancy or are using material like fabric or plastic. At Detroit Print Shop, we have an array of talented, experienced, and creative individuals who can create effective bookmark designs for the promotion of your products and services. Allow us to create your best campaign on one of these reading favorites.


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