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The Importance of Brochures and Flyer Prints in Your Michigan Business
December 22, 2015 by Detroit Print Shop

As any businessman or woman would know, brochures and flyers are important in order to let people know of the service or product that they provide. For small companies and businesses, it is ideal to utilize the great response and feedback these materials provide.

Brochures and flyers are important in a business because it raises the public’s awareness for the company or the brand name. It may be small, but it should never be underestimated as many businesses have thrived thanks in no small part to the awareness raised through the distribution of brochures and flyers. In order to get high quality promotional materials, a great flyer printing service is required.

Flyers and brochures are also important because they help in associating an image with a company, product or service. A good, glossy brochure that stands out will help in the retention of a company or product’s name in the mind of a consumer.


Brochures are also important because they give additional data or answer additional questions regarding the service or product that it promotes. A brochure that answers little or no questions at all is bound to lose potential prospects. This is because of the change in the mindset of the modern consumers. Consumers nowadays want to know exactly what they are purchasing and it falls on the hands of the product producer or the company to answer questions and to assure potential clients that they will be getting their money’s worth.

Because of the continuous surge in business, flyer printing or brochure prints are no longer limited to just the usual industries that use them. Other businesses, not usually seen as the type to give brochures and flyers have adopted these inexpensive and important business tools.

Grow your business with the best Michigan printer, Detroit Print Shop.

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Brochure Printing: 5 Useful Tips to Remember
February 2, 2015 by dderoeck

Detroit Print Shop-brochures

Traditionally businesses have always relied on creative marketing collaterals such as brochures, infomercial, catalogues and other direct marketing tools to reach out to customers. Brochures, also known as pamphlet, is a type of leaflet meant to educate your prospects and target audience about your organization, products and services. A well designed brochure not only has the potential to gain a buyer’s interest, but also convert him into a loyal customer.

Often considered to be the tool of choice for small and medium businesses, brochures are in fact used by businesses of all sizes to reach out and influence customers. As a matter of fact, offline or online, people still prefer to check brochure information before hiring services of a particular company. Even after the popularity of newer online marketing tools, brochure marketing ideas still work as high-quality brochures have a longer shelf life, and greater recall rate among customers.

5 Brochure Printing Tips

Many companies undertake brochure designing and printing without giving a second thought to certain brochure printing nuances that can make or break the final output. The difference between a high-quality and a low-quality brochure is in not only based on how they look, but a variety of other design and messaging factors vary as well.

Here is a list of 5 handy brochure printing tips that can help you create impressive and great looking brochures:

1. Be Innovative and Original:

Perhaps the most important factor while brochure designing is to make it innovative and original. Like mentioned before, a brochure should convey all what a business stands for, seamlessly, to the customer. Also it is important to have multiple brochure marketing ideas and gauge what competitors are doing to stay ahead. It also helps to draw inspiration for brochure design from different streams of companies and incorporate their ideas into your own material.

2. Look Not Just for a Design Expert:

Brochure design is the key in developing great print brochures. Brochure information, however, is equally important. Not all designers have the skill to design brochures after understanding the business and it’s USP. Business knowledge is important because it helps eliminate a lot of guess-work by the designers, and produce high-quality brochure. Either the business itself should spend the initial period in feeding inputs to the designer or should partner with a designer who has business orientation.

3. Selecting The Right Paper:

Using a heavier paper might cost more but the final print looks more professional and can help convince a customer of your reliability and professionalism.

4. Designing and Printing Resolution:

Images and artwork should be at least 300dpi to ensure high-quality output. However many companies resort to low quality images to save cost resulting in washed out images.

5. Accounting for Print Bleed:

The brochure design should allow space beyond the chosen page borders. This will help cover movement of paper while printing and also minimize inconsistencies in design.

Though it’s an extremely important source of promoting businesses online, many companies do not give second thought while designing brochures, and leave brochure printing at the mercy of the designer or designing agency. While creative freedom is essential, it is also important to note that the brochure represents your business and what it stands for, and prompts your customers to take a favorable action. It is therefore, important to know how to design a brochure keeping in mind larger business goals and target market.

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Designing a Great Seasonal Fall Brochure
September 15, 2011 by Detroit Print Shop

With summer almost at an end, it’s time to start thinking about printing fall brochures. Designing a great fall brochure doesn’t have to be a trial, it just requires following a few simple tips.

1. Showcase What’s New
Many customers who receive brochures from a company are already familiar with the company’s general offerings. They may only glance for a few moments at a new brochure, so it’s important to catch their eye immediately. Graphics, larger fonts, and attention-grabbing placement are all ways to ensure that the fall specials don’t go unnoticed.

2. Emphasize the Season
Seasonal brochures are great because they allow companies to showcase their newest offerings, but also because they reassure customers that the information on them is timely. An all-seasons brochure may have been created at the beginning of the year and have gone out of date, but in late summer and autumn, a seasonal fall brochure looks fresh and relevant. Use autumn colors and themes, especially on the cover, and make sure the season and year are prominently displayed to take full advantage of this effect.

3. Use A Professional Printing Service
With the powerful graphic design tools and versatile printers and copiers available to businesses today, it can be tempting to try the do-it-yourself publishing method for a seasonal brochure. It’s important to remember, though, that having a hammer and level does not make someone a carpenter, and the seasonal brochure is an important public relations and advertising tool. Using a dependable print shop with a great reputation will make for better brochures with greater drawing power.

Detroit Print Shop offers only the highest quality brochure printing and competitive pricing nationwide. Brochures are printed on 100 lb Gloss Book with Aqueous Coating. With cutting edge technology and years of experience, the specialists at Detroit Print Shop have helped customers nationwide create brochures that are customized for each client’s needs at a cost-effective price.

Developing A Brochure That Generates Results
July 16, 2011 by Detroit Print Shop

Think of the times you have been to an expo and picked up those brochures from the display racks. Have you ever wondered why you picked up certain brochures in preference to others? One persuasive reason is their appeal besides of course the relevance of information contained therein. Catchy, well-crafted product brochures are a sure way to capture attention. Over and above, if you can provide structured, useful information that is relevant to the user’s needs, your brochure will have achieved its purpose of establishing meaningful communication with your prospect.

An attractive product brochure is a starting point for your marketing and communication strategy. There are several aspects to designing a good product brochure. The first and most important piece of information is the cover. Put a strong selling message across on the cover page that motivates the audience to flip open the brochure. Include visuals. As they say, a picture can convey a thousand words; intersperse your content with appropriate visuals that are relevant to the context, tell your story with compelling graphics and with headings, subheadings and content that explains the copy block in a clear and unambiguous way. Be easy on the eyes, page after page of text can scare away a potential customer.  We recommend using visuals that show how the product works because they are great for illustrating the benefits and conveying the gist of the product.

Lay stress on neat, clean, and professional layouts. Avoid unnecessary graphics and cluttering of content. Remember that the design should be able to draw the reader in and be an aid to their reading. Content is king and the design should not distract the reader from the text.

More often than not, brochures fail to be effective as they lack a call to action. After all, you want your potential customers to act. Give them that motivation and aid them by providing appropriate information on the product or service.

The creation of an important tool for your business should ideally be left to professionals. At Detroit Print Shop, we ensure that each brochure that we create will help you generate results.

Restaurant Brochures that Will Captivate Your Customers
June 20, 2011 by Detroit Print Shop

Brochures can play a critical role in attracting new patrons to a restaurant establishment. Well designed restaurant brochures can be used to display the restaurant’s name and logo while helping to build brand identity. Appealing pictures of beverages and specialties can tempt the palette and entice customers to visit the restaurant, and sample the cuisine.

When also serving as a take out menu, restaurant brochures can provide patrons with a complete selection of breakfast, lunch, and dinner items along with prices and delivery terms. Unlike an in-house menu, it is appropriate to include advertisements, coupons, and more detailed information on the restaurant itself. When handed to customers as they leave the restaurant, restaurant brochures tend to be kept for extended periods and used as a handy reference for future orders.

Creating a Successful Restaurant Brochure

A restaurant brochure should always contain contact information for the restaurant, that includes dedicated take out phone numbers as well as a website address. It is also important to incorporate information relating to the restaurant’s reservation policy, group parties, and any other services that are offered.

A restaurant brochure can serve as a highly effective form of advertising and marketing when the appropriate design elements are included in the development process.

  • Emphasize Visuals: Attractive photographs of the interior and exterior of the restaurant will convey the type of dining atmosphere prospective customers will experience when they arrive. Photographs also subtly communicate the type of attire that is appropriate along with the expected price range for the menu items.
    Photos of specific dishes can also be used to attract potential customers by appealing to their senses, and compelling them to sample the cuisine. Signature dishes, tantalizing appetizers, ethic delights, and delicious deserts captured by a professional photographer will create a strong favorable impression with new and regular patrons.
  • Maintain Organized Content: Particularly for restaurant brochures, customers are looking for a quick reference. Menu sections should contain bold headings for the different food segments, and prices should be clearly displayed. It is important to place the take out phone number prominently on either the front cover or back page of the brochure.
  • Pick Colors and Fonts Carefully: To help create a unique identity and brand awareness, colors and fonts should be used to accentuate the atmosphere, style and type of cuisine the restaurant offers. A restaurant brochure is more effective when it serves as a compliment to the in-house menu and other promotional materials.

Detroit Print Shop can help with every phase of the restaurant brochure development process. Our extensive experience in graphic design, paper stock selection, and folding options will ensure that the finished brochure will enhance the image of the business and attract many new customers.

Use Brochures to Enhance Your Travel Agency
May 16, 2011 by Detroit Print Shop

travel agency brochuresDespite the appeal of obtaining travel information through the Internet, most people still use travel brochures when planning a business trip or vacation. There really is no substitute for a well designed brochure that includes a wide array of important details about the destination. Since brochures are compact and portable, travelers appreciate the convenience and durability that printed pages off the Internet simply can’t match.

Travel Brochure Concepts

Brochures are a considered a traditional form of travel industry advertising and often suffer from a lack of distinctiveness that reduces their effectiveness. It is important to remain aware of the fierce level of competition for clients, and develop a brochure that will display the unique features and benefits of your travel agency. The philosophy behind the design should be to create a resource rather than an advertising piece. If the client believes the brochure has been a valuable tool within the context of the trip, the advertising goal will also have been accomplished.

Design Considerations

Travel brochures often suffer from stale designs as a result of tired imagery. Poorly conceived graphics that employ globes, maps or compasses can project an outdated, or unimaginative identity. This approach can also serve to hamper the development of unique brand awareness since the appearance of the brochure may be mistaken for a competitor’s piece.

Most importantly, a travel brochure should be designed to compliment the image the agency projects on its website, business cards, flyers, and other advertising media. Design concepts can be based around some of the following criteria:

  • Logo: The inclusion of an identifiable logo is critical to build brand identity and offer a simple way for customers to reference the provider of the brochure. Detroit Print Shop can develop for your company a polished and professional logo or a complete corporate identity package.
  • Use High Resolution Images: One of the biggest advantages a travel brochure offers when compared to internet printed images is much better resolution. Graphics and photographs that jump off the page will entice vacationers to learn more about the advertised destinations.
  • Add Insightful Travel Information: This includes complete contact information for the agency, as well as the website address and helpful travel tips.

Selecting a Print Shop

Travel brochures should always be produced by a printer that specializes in the travel industry. Detroit Print Shop can help with every phase of the printing process including graphic design, paper stock selections, and folding options.

Brochure Printing for Information Technology
April 14, 2011 by Detroit Print Shop

For many companies, IT outsourcing offers an attractive alternative to hiring and maintaining a dedicated employee or in house IT staff. Outsourcing support reduces expenses since technicians are only utilized when needed. IT consultants provide targeted services that will ensure that data systems continue to operate at optimal efficiency with reduced down time.To present the many different outsourcing services offered through third party providers, information technology brochures can prove extremely effective as a marketing and advertising tool.

Brochure Design

Information technology is an industry where the development of faster and more efficient systems continues to evolve at blinding speed. IT brochures can quickly appear dated, and it is important to revise the piece regularly so that leading edge distinctiveness is not compromised.

When selling services to prospective companies in Detroit, information technology brochures should include certain elements that will inform and impress data center administrators.

  • Technical yet Interesting: Information technology is a discipline that includes many technical concepts and unique language. The overall brochure concept must be simple enough to appeal to budget administrators, and detailed enough to convince a data center manager.
  • Maintain a Uniform Style: Process managers work in a world where the objective is to maintain consistency in data systems performance. When targeting companies in Detroit, information technology brochures should maintain the same overall style throughout the piece. Keep fonts uniform and don’t switch descriptive writing voices.
  • Use Bullet Points: IT managers are generally performance motivated. They often look to drill down to the crux of the matter and avoid superfluous distractions. Listing services such as web hosting, 24/7 monitoring, data migration and other distinctive features in a bullet point format will appeal to time sensitive clients.
  • Create Effective Content: Data managers are very interested in emerging technologies. Include content that will appeal to their technical nature and avoid obvious sales pitches. It is important to remain factual while minimizing the use of adjectives, metaphors and personal opinions.
  • Reduce Clutter: Overwhelming the reader with too much information is counter productive. Highlight provided services, contact information and other important assets while creating competitive differentiation.


For companies developing an information technology brochure, Detroit Print Shop can help by offering extensive graphic design services. IT brochures can include a significant amount of information, and there are numerous paper size and folding options available. Detroit Print Shop works with their clients to ensure that the finished brochure will look professional, attractive and appealing.

Furniture Business Brochure Marketing
April 8, 2011 by Detroit Print Shop

furniture business brochure printingBusinesses that build or sell furniture recognize the benefits of providing their customers with well designed furniture business brochures. Furniture industry professionals commonly use brochures to help create brand identity and customer loyalty. Presenting photographs and well written descriptive text will display the most appealing aspects of the furniture and afford customers with useful information relating to its construction and origin.

Brochure Benefits

For companies in Detroit, furniture business brochures have numerous paper size and folding options. This allows them to be used as both a sales tool and a condensed company catalogue. Since brochures offer substantially more space than other printed media, additional written and visual elements can be combined to offer added dimension and depth to the presentation.

Brochures can be an exceptionally effective marketing tool when distributed at building fairs, trade shows and industry conventions. They can also be used as direct mailers or offered to showroom customers as a visual reminder of the piece they have interest in. Furniture companies that work with other businesses, builders and architects use brochures to help create conversation and identify how furniture can enhance the image and value of a home or building.

Designing a Furniture Brochure

Pre planning is an important key to success in furniture brochure design. There are a number of elements that should be carefully considered during the development process. When creating furniture brochures, Detroit Print Shop offers graphic design and logo creation services that will provide professional results at affordable prices.

  • Identify Targeted Customers: Every successful brochure advertising or marketing campaign starts with identifying the intended audience. Brochures that are designed to appeal to specific potential clients will prove to be more engaging and successful.
  • Use High Quality Photographs: Since the visual appeal of furniture is critical to prospective buyers, only high definition photographs should be used in brochure creation. If picture quality appears substandard in any way, the services of a professional photographer may be well worth the investment.
  • Maximize Content Effectiveness: This includes using an eye catching headline and creating optimized content. Descriptions ought to be accurate, informative and interesting without reading like a sales promotion. Unnecessary metaphors and personal opinions should be eliminated. It is also important to maintain design cohesiveness and avoid clutter by using a consistent format that ties every design element together.

Furniture Brochure Marketing

Effective brochure marketing campaigns require consistency and time. Potential customers often need more than one glance at a brochure before seeking out more information. Offering periodic updates that feature new products will serve to remind clients of the brand name and the many furniture options they can choose from.

Create a Recognizable Brand using Academic Brochures
April 4, 2011 by Detroit Print Shop

academic brochure printingWell designed brochures can serve a variety of purposes for an academic institution. During the decision making process,  academic brochures present students with a chance to learn about the many educational opportunities and unique experiences available at the institution.

In Detroit, academic brochures are often used by local colleges and universities to create a recognizable brand identity. This includes announcing awards and important accomplishments by faculty members and students.

Designing an Academic Brochure

The success of an academic brochure is dependent on exceptional design, layout and printing. The pre planning stage is especially critical in establishing the different elements that will help create an appealing, informative and cohesive presentation. For those who lack experience in developing a brochure, Detroit Print Shop can provide considerable expertise in custom graphic design and logo creation.

There are many essential design concepts that will help ensure that a brochure will attract attention, present interesting content, and leave a lasting impression on the reader.

  • Establish the Brochure’s Purpose: Brochures that are created to attract prospective students should have a different focus than those developed to foster local community relations. It is important to determine the overall concept of the brochure prior to the design phase.
  • Include Professional Level Photographs: While students are extremely interested in the educational opportunities a school offers, the social environment and quality of life on campus are important as well. Photos should convey a sense of warmth, safety and friendliness. To capture the essence of the collegiate experience, using the services of a professional photographer is highly recommended.
  • Write Effective Content: Optimized content is always concise and interesting. Avoid the temptation to use overly officious language or adjectives in excess. Maintain a consistent format that keeps the content uniform and cohesive.
  • Focus on the End Result: Academic institutions are constructed on a foundation of educational success and achievement. Potential new students will readily identify with the high profile accomplishments of both faculty members and alumni.
  • Include a Call to Action: A well designed academic brochure should offer subtle encouragement to compel the student to learn more about the school. This includes providing complete contact information for the admissions department.


For academic brochure printing, Detroit area schools can benefit from the many services offered by Detroit Print Shop. There are numerous academic brochure printing alternatives such as different paper sizes and folding options.

Detroit Print Shop can help with every phase of the brochure development process and provide a finished product that will be appealing, informative and generate significant student interest.

Advertising Media for Your Clothing Line Business
March 31, 2011 by Detroit Print Shop

Every clothing line designer, reseller or manufacturer needs a comprehensive advertising and marketing program to attract attention and establish brand loyalty. Well crafted business cards, postcards and brochures can offer exceptional exposure at a fraction of the expense associated with other types of advertising. Printed materials provide an excellent opportunity to display the unique designs, vivid colors and quality fabrics that distinguish distinctive clothing lines.

Advertising Media

Every component of a print campaign can add substantial benefits to the comprehensive marketing effort. Exposure, image building and motivating the customer are the primary goals of print related advertising. This can be accomplished through a coordinated initiative that includes the following elements:

Business Cards: For clothing designers that are looking to impress buyers and retailers, a well crafted business card is a necessity. Business cards can be used to communicate essential information and establish a favorable image with a prospective client.

Business cards can incorporate many effective styles including basic designs or more complex layouts that add color and symbols. Besides complete contact information, a business card should always include a defining logo.

Postcards: Advertising with postcards can serve as an introduction to highly targeted prospective clients while conveying vivid imagery and a compelling call to action. Many clothing line businesses use organized fashion shows to stimulate interest in the line, and postcards can be an effective medium for advertising the event. The front side of the postcard should be used to display various highlights of the clothing line and capture the recipient’s attention. The backside of the card affords substantial space where details about the company, the designer and full contact information can be presented. Including special sales or promotions can also be an effective method of raising awareness.

Brochures: A brochure carries the advantage of providing additional space for detailed visual presentation of images and text. A well designed clothing line brochure can serve as an effective advertising piece while informing buyers, retailers and the general public of the different available fashions and styles. High definition pictures that are tastefully displayed on quality stock paper will help to enhance the overall appeal of the clothing line.

Print Shops

For every print marketing and advertising requirement, Detroit Print Shop offers a variety of services that will help ensure the success and effectiveness of the campaign. This includes assistance with graphic design, paper selections and understanding brochure folding options. Detroit Print Shop can guide a customer through every phase of the development process and will produce printed advertising pieces that will be informative, compelling and generate substantial interest.

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