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Turning Business Cards Into a Promotional Piece
November 1, 2011 by detroitprintshop

Creating a business card may seem like a pretty simple thing to do. Everybody knows what goes on a business card, the company name, a person’s name, address, and contact information. Go to any convention or networking meeting and you’re likely to come away with a pocketful of them, all containing the same sort of information. But while it’s true that most business cards are functionally similar, they are definitely not all the same. When done right, a business card can be a palm-sized billboard that draws attention and customers for your business.

To turn your business cards into promotional material, you first have to rethink their purpose. Perhaps instead of merely conveying information, your business card print offers an incentive to customers. You can offer a 10% off discount on your card, or turn it into a punch-out card, where a certain number of punches nets a free item. If your company offers special events, your business card could double as the event ticket. However you choose to do it, the point is to get your potential customer to hold onto your card and remember the information.

The other important step towards making your business cards into promotional materials is varying the design. Just because your card contains the same information as others’, that doesn’t mean it should look the same. Font, layout, and paper quality all contribute to the attractiveness of a business card. Detroit Print Shop can work with you to find a unique and eye-catching layout that grabs attention and fits your budget.

Business card printing is the smallest and least expensive form of print advertising that most companies do. That doesn’t mean they can’t be extremely effective when used properly! Finding new ways to design and use your business cards can pay off in a major way when it comes to drawing new customers and retaining repeat business.

Advertising Media for Your Clothing Line Business
March 31, 2011 by Detroit Print Shop

Every clothing line designer, reseller or manufacturer needs a comprehensive advertising and marketing program to attract attention and establish brand loyalty. Well crafted business cards, postcards and brochures can offer exceptional exposure at a fraction of the expense associated with other types of advertising. Printed materials provide an excellent opportunity to display the unique designs, vivid colors and quality fabrics that distinguish distinctive clothing lines.

Advertising Media

Every component of a print campaign can add substantial benefits to the comprehensive marketing effort. Exposure, image building and motivating the customer are the primary goals of print related advertising. This can be accomplished through a coordinated initiative that includes the following elements:

Business Cards: For clothing designers that are looking to impress buyers and retailers, a well crafted business card is a necessity. Business cards can be used to communicate essential information and establish a favorable image with a prospective client.

Business cards can incorporate many effective styles including basic designs or more complex layouts that add color and symbols. Besides complete contact information, a business card should always include a defining logo.

Postcards: Advertising with postcards can serve as an introduction to highly targeted prospective clients while conveying vivid imagery and a compelling call to action. Many clothing line businesses use organized fashion shows to stimulate interest in the line, and postcards can be an effective medium for advertising the event. The front side of the postcard should be used to display various highlights of the clothing line and capture the recipient’s attention. The backside of the card affords substantial space where details about the company, the designer and full contact information can be presented. Including special sales or promotions can also be an effective method of raising awareness.

Brochures: A brochure carries the advantage of providing additional space for detailed visual presentation of images and text. A well designed clothing line brochure can serve as an effective advertising piece while informing buyers, retailers and the general public of the different available fashions and styles. High definition pictures that are tastefully displayed on quality stock paper will help to enhance the overall appeal of the clothing line.

Print Shops

For every print marketing and advertising requirement, Detroit Print Shop offers a variety of services that will help ensure the success and effectiveness of the campaign. This includes assistance with graphic design, paper selections and understanding brochure folding options. Detroit Print Shop can guide a customer through every phase of the development process and will produce printed advertising pieces that will be informative, compelling and generate substantial interest.

Printed Business Cards – Key to a Polished Reputation
August 2, 2010 by Detroit Print Shop

Attaining a great reputation is what every successful business wants to achieve.  One of the best ways to get your business known by the public is through reputation.  Having high quality, sharply designed printed business cards is one proven way to begin achieving that reputation.  The idea of printed business cards might seem like an old fashioned idea in the high tech world we live in.  However high quality, professionally printed business cards go a long way in making a lasting impression.  And they will show your customers your dedication to traditional business values.

Using high quality and professionally printed business cards creates great recognition especially if you go the extra mile and have an eye catching logo created just for you.  A unique, well designed logo added to your business card will tell people exactly what you are about.  Great logos will be remembered long after the phone call has ended or the computer has been shut down.  Professionally printed business cards, that have been passed around will remain a constant reminder of you, your business and what you stand for.

Over the years, the use of high quality printed business cards has always been seen as a high class action by those professionals who wish to promote themselves and the businesses that they value.  Members of the professional world appreciate the efforts of those who would put themselves out there in such a manner.  Taking the time to trade business cards and pass them on in a refined and educated “word of mouth” type of advertising is the mark of a professional business person.  They also give your business associates an opportunity to show others about your goals and services.

And here’s the best part.  Professionally printed business cards are very inexpensive giving you the ability to get your services in front of the public without spending a fortune in advertising.  Great professional print shops such as the one found at Detroit Print Shop can and will treat all of your printing needs with respect and artistic evaluation.  Their professional talents will help to fulfill your desires for your businesses growth and financial development.

Using Business Cards As a Powerful Marketing Tool
July 7, 2010 by Detroit Print Shop

business cards

Whenever any company or business puts themselves out in the public sphere, there is a good deal of planning and preparation that goes into making certain that the image that is portrayed is carefully managed.

One of the simplest tools used is the business cards. Almost all businesses have a card that is used to remind clients and potential customers of their basic services, as well as contact information. While this may seem like a simple process, there is actually quite a bit of thought that goes into creating a good business card.

Your business card should definitely include a few standard items. At the minimum, you should always print your company name, address, and contact information. This may include just a phone number, but could also incorporate email, fax number and even your website, if those are all viable contact options. If they will need to contact a specific person, include that on the business cards as well. This is especially helpful for those who receive a commission or otherwise work with clients on an individual basis.

After the basics, you will probably want to print the logo of the company on the cards. This can do a great deal for brand recognition and cohesiveness. Your logo should be large enough to be easily discerned, but should not take over the rest of the area. If it was originally designed for full sized display, it might be advisable to modify it slightly for a more appealing look on the business card format. The logos should maintain the same basic features, but smaller details can be left out to make the logo appear cleaner on the tiny card.

Once you have determined exactly what information to include, you will be focusing on the design of your business cards. This should reflect the look and feel of your company. If you offer high brow products and services, clean lines and fancy fonts are appropriate. For those that promote a high energy environment in their company, use your card to verify that. Bold fonts and liberal use of color could be suitable. If you want to denote efficiency, maintain a white background and very basic fonts with only applicable information. As you can see, there are numerous ways to get the feel that you are after in the design process. These are just a few examples.

Designing business cards is a basic service provided by almost all graphics and printing companies. You can, however, do the design in house and save on that cost. It is fairly simple to start from scratch in a graphics program. You can also make use of templates to make it even easier. Once you are ready to print, however, it’s generally best to go to the experts. They can quickly turn your design into a stack of ready to use cards. Trimming and boxing is part of the standard processing package. The best prices are found when you order a bulk amount, so keep that in mind.

Business cards can seem to be fairly straightforward. While it’s true that it is hard to get them completely wrong, you can have much better success using them for marketing purposes when they are more carefully designed.

Combining the convenience of online printing with the quality and service provided is a win-win for your business. Visit our website to learn more about the business cards and other printing options available at the Nation’s #1 Online Print Solution.


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