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Category: Banner Printing

How to Select the Right Banner Printing Services
May 19, 2015 by Detroit Print Shop

Anybody who is capable of printing images and texts in a regular printer can easily create banners as long as they have the right equipment’s and materials. Unfortunately, not all of these establishments providing banner printing services are able to provide you with high-quality results. Banners are your way to make your business known. It also reflects what kind of business do you have and an oblivious way of showing how you manage it. That is why it is very essential that you pick the right banner provider so you can get flawless results.

Below are some of the factors that may help you consider if your banner supplier is competent or not:

1. Your banner provider must print images and texts in high resolution. With the technology today, they should provide a resolution no less than 1440 dots per inch. The end product would be an unblemished image of your company.

2. The material must also be sturdy enough for the outdoors. It should also be water proof, can be cleaned easily, and can be bent as well.

3. If you want the banner to stay outdoors, ask if they also provide laminations. This would prevent the color from fading and you can expect your banner to always look like new for six months or more.

4. Banner printing services do not end once everything has already been printed. They must also provide the finishing particularly at the edges of the signage.

5. Ask them if they could stitch the sides of the banner to prevent the unstitched parts from ruining the whole banner eventually.

Needless to say, you should also consider the cost of the whole banner printing services. Investing your money in the right banner is also like investing your business’ future as well. This is your first step in attracting customers so you have to make a lasting impression.

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Banner Printing for Memorable Sales Messages
April 14, 2015 by Detroit Print Shop

Canvass any trade show exhibition hall and you will find banners being used in a variety of ways to attract booth traffic, highlight new products, promote special offers and/or enhance brand awareness. In fact, banners are one of the most versatile advertising vehicles available to exhibitors because they are cost-effective, highly flexible, and available in a variety of sizes and formats.

Whether you want to create your own design or hire an expert banner printing service company to handle the graphics for your banner printing, follow these guidelines to maximize effectiveness.


Your banner is an extension of your company image. The design and printing must emulate the quality of your products and services. Make sure it coordinates with your trade show booth and looks consistent with the colors and fonts you use in your other advertising materials.

In addition, prior to placing a banner printing order, ensure your banner size, design and message are a good match for the trade show you’re attending and appeals to your target audience.

Banner Printing Format

Determine whether a horizontal or vertical banner fits best with your trade show booth and where it will be placed. Consider how the banner will be mounted, displayed or tied. Vertical, stand-alone banners require special stands and there are a variety of styles from which to choose.

Banner Size

As with all types of signage, the larger the size of banner the greater the impact. Yet, your banner should also be as tasteful as it is compelling. Your exhibit area will dictate how large of a banner you should order.

Most banner production companies have standards sizes that accommodate different booth areas. Yet, if you have something special to promote, you may want to opt for an oversized banner to create additional buzz and excitement on the trade show floor.

Keep It Simple

To strengthen the impact of your banner’s marketing message, keep your design as simple as possible. A cluttered banner might attract attention, but not the kind of attention you want. The goal is to draw focus to the product or service you’re promoting, not the banner itself.

Effective trade show banners must be pleasing to the eye, easy to read, and singularly focused. Consider the following four elements for your design:

  • Bold, short headline
  • Vivid photography or image
  • Brief copy points
  • Call-to-action with your logo and tagline

Use Easy-to-Read Fonts

The size and type of font you use is essential in banner printing. Use clear, simple fonts, such as Arial and other sans-serif fonts.

Italic fonts and serif fonts, like Times New Roman, are hard to read – especially from a distance – and therefore should be avoided in banner printing.

The size of the fonts you use will depend largely on the size of the banner. Additionally, the title and copy of your banner will require different font sizes. Include space between each line of copy so onlookers can read it with greater ease.

Choose the Right Colors

Colors are a powerful psychological tool that, when leveraged properly, can help you increase sales, attract attention, calm people, etc.

Most shades of green and blue are calming and pleasing to the senses. Yet they may not be strong interest grabbers. Silver, grey, white and black denote modern and upscale. Orange and yellow are high-energy colors and red is recognized as an attention-getter.

Keep in mind that bright colors will attract attention; yet, overuse may take away from your message. Bold color photography can also make a stunning impression. Once you determine your banner colors, ensure you have high contrast between the background color of the banner and the type color to enhance readability.

Lighting Tips

Use lighting to your advantage for your banner, as well as to highlight key areas of your trade show display. Many vertical banners with stands offer lighting options to enhance attention to your message. You can also bring spotlights to help draw eyes to vertical and horizontal banners.

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Banner Printing – A Cost Effective Way to Convey Your Message
March 6, 2015 by Detroit Print Shop

Digital printing technology involves reproduction of digital images on physical surfaces. As it doesn’t involve block making like in the earlier printing methods like litho printing or screen printing, it is cot effective for short runs of printing. The quality of digitally made prints is always better because the layer of ink used is very thin. Due to the fact that the layer of ink is very thin, there is no smudging of ink and the out lines of the prints are sharper and clearer. This is the technology used in banner printing at present.

Banners though traditionally used for religious purposes and as heraldic banners of the royal arms etc. these days they are used to give messages to the public on everything from Christmas bargain sales, exhibition sites trade union meetings and many more.

As the demand for banners increased the banner printing became a profitable industry. Various banner printing companies are using different methods of printing to satisfy the customer needs. Mainly used banners materials are nylon reinforced banner material, mesh, canvas, back lit banner material and textiles. The modern printing machines are equipped with UV curing to protect the banners from fading due to ultra violet rays of sun. The ink used in banner printing is also consisting of UV resistant solvents making them able to withstand the attacks of UV rays of the sun.

Over the years as the popularity of the banners increased. The size of the banners too increased. Modern day banners are usually large. For this purpose the banner printers are using banner printing machines which could print banners with a width of more than one meter and lengths more than 30 feet.

The banner has come of age. With glittering images printed on shiny material, a banner could convey a message at low cost with a very good effect.

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Medical Brochures – Convey Vital Information
January 30, 2011 by Detroit Print Shop

Medical brochures serve an important function in conveying vital information to patients and other members of the medical community. Physicians often use medical brochures to help differentiate their services and practice. Professionals who sell into the medical industry also benefit from brochures by using them to promote the features of their various products.

The lobby of a doctor’s office can serve as an ideal location for offering multiple brochures on a variety of subjects. Since the time spent in a waiting room can be extensive, brochures are read regularly. People tend to be most health conscious when they are waiting for an examination or prognosis.

Creating a Medical Brochure

In Detroit, medical brochures offer physicians and other medical industry professionals with a cost effective way to inform patients about illnesses and appropriate therapies. While creating a brochure, it is important to include certain elements that will result in attracting the attention of the recipient.

  • Include the important ideas: The medical industry resolves around a few simple concepts. Physicians, patients, support personnel and outside vendors are all ultimately concerned with diseases, their prevention and their cure. A successful medical brochure always includes these elements and communicates them in an easily understandable format.
  • Provide factual information: Perhaps more than any other industry, medical professionals are expected to provide timely and accurate information. This includes a summary of the disease or condition, relevant statistics to frame the problem, and an explanation of treatment options.
  • Logo: It is important to include a professional quality logo on every brochure. This will help create a distinctive identity for the physician that will separate their practice from other competitors.

Brochure Layout

For medical brochures, Detroit area physicians often choose to use a larger format to include all the critical information on a chosen subject. In fact, print shops that offer multiple paper sizes and folding options can help present the brochure in the most appealing format.

Many medical brochures follow a standard configuration that has proven successful over time. This includes using the first page of the brochure to outline the disease or medical condition. The second page usually contains factual information such as useful statistics or important studies. Page three can offer services or products to address the condition, and the fourth page provides information on the physician or clinic itself.

Quality Print Shops

To gain the maximum attention and exposure, medical printing should always be produced by a quality shop that specializes in printing for the medical industry. Medical brochures incorporate a substantial amount of information and design concepts. Printers that offer graphic design services and logo development can help produce medical brochures that will be informative, helpful and generate substantial patient interest.

Advantages of Banner Printing Services
August 24, 2010 by Detroit Print Shop

Banner printing services are of great importance with the current trends in the world of commerce. The businesses in this sector have no option but to keep up with these trends if they hope to meet the needs of their consumers.

Banner printing is one of the sure ways that advertisers can use to promote their services. Digital technology on the other hand has been very resourceful when it comes to this sector by assisting in printing the banners with relevant information about products, services and events alike.

Applications and programs that have been designed with relation to banner printing have also added to the efficiency and convenience that is attached to this method of promotion. These programs are able to make use large formats and nice graphics to make the use of these banners more evident.

With the ticking of the clock and the mushrooming efficiency and convenience by which online businesses have been carried out with, these services are also offered online. With the normal aspects of face to face businesses, these online businesses also offer discounts, consultancies and other services depending on the need of the consumer.

Customization of drawings, graphics and writing on these banners has also been made a whole lot easier. In this way, the client is allowed to put the information on the banner in whatever way that they please. Birthday banners are mostly the ones that are done in this way.

Banners are also very weight and can be carried around with ease which adds on to the numerous advantages of banner printing services. They are easily rolled up and easy to carry around if need be.

Vinyl is the most common material that is used in the making of these banners. Vinyl is very durable and volatile not forgetting their very attractive nature. This makes it easy to get the attention of people focused on the banners considering that it is a very cost effective option of advertising compared to its alternatives.

When getting banners for outdoor use, consider a relatively durable option and for this reason, the ink that is used is supposed to be solvent and the vinyl material should be of high quality. If you do not get it produced this way, you might end up being disappointed and having very low quality banners.

Make sure that you enlist the services of a professional to get this work done. Then ensure that they are using quality equipment to deliver your products just to ensure that the quality of the banners is not compromised.

Banner printing is a relatively unique way for use in advertising because of the fore mentioned advantages and if used in the appropriate way it is a sure way of increasing the awareness of the products and services in a company.

Banner printing services are very essential especially when it comes to advertising about conventions, trade shows and other events just to mention a few. This is because they are temporary substitutes for the more permanent and expensive signs.

For all printing services, visit Detroit Print Shop.