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Why the Business Card Will Live Forever
January 29, 2016 by Detroit Print Shop

Business cards still work as well as they have worked for 300 years,” said founder Richard Moross


Heard the one about business cards being dead in the digital founder and chief executive Richard Moross laughs.

”The good news is that they still work as well as they’ve worked for 300 years,” he says.

“Every culture in the world understands it. You don’t need an internet connection or batteries. It’s just completely utilitarian.”

Moo has an interest in the business card’s longevity. Founded by Moross in 2004 when he was 26, the company has become one of Britain’s leading online card providers.

It employs 370 staff in offices in London and Boston, USA, and manufacturing plants in Stratford, East London and Massachusetts. Moross, 37, expects growth of about 40pc this year. It also sells stickers, postcards, letterheads and greeting and note cards, but business cards account for about 70pc of its turnover.

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Business Card Printing – The Effective Marketing Tool
November 23, 2015 by Detroit Print Shop

It’s greatly accepted that a business card reflects the identity of an organization. It’s not bad to think that business cards are effective marketing tools for all those business houses – large or small. Hence, it is important that the designer and printer accord maximum significance while working on company cards.

Powerful marketing can only be accomplished if you have a business marketing strategy and the ideal tools to carry it out. There are lots of marketing materials that may be enhanced for the benefit of your business. How to market a company successfully is regarded as the fundamental thing that a business person should learn. How you market your company specifically the tools you utilize in marketing have a great impact on your company image. If you want a sure success for your own business, it’s a good idea if you would use such cards as the front-liner in your marketing campaign.

These cards function as your means to inform your potential customers that you are serious to get in contact with them. Business card speaks of who you are. It offers you a fast and accessible way to get your word out to your prospective customers. Plus, it reflects the reputation of your business and helps boost your company identity. It is of great importance to have your cards printed expertly by a business card printing in Detroit. A superior quality business card would mean great affordable returns to your business. But if what you need are quick solutions to your printing problems, then quick card printing is a great step.


Higher mobility has given several advantages for businesses, but has led to the regular change of contact information. Today’s modern business person may change their mobile phone number, email address, even their business office location a couple of times within a single year. While the marketing concepts behind business cards have not changed, the way individuals create and maintain their design has changed. Internet technologies have permitted individuals to quickly create their own company card layout on the internet, developing their ideas with easy-to-use layouts, and by means of e-commerce, place a secure order for printing. In this time, there are numerous improvements in printing technology. One of these innovative developments is the online printing system. Online printing is paramount to a very successful, fast business card printing in Detroit. It offers you a complete supervision over your business cards while giving you cost-effective investments. Using this, you possibly can print full color cards with little effort.

Undoubtedly, the internet has brought a great deal to the fulfillment of every print job needed by numerous marketers. The internet technology has made the way for more convenient methods on how to print and layout marketing materials that will certainly make an impact. Besides, several business card printing solutions may be used in just a click of your fingertips. This simply means a successful marketing that is at your fingertips.

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What Makes Your Business Card Different?
June 30, 2015 by Detroit Print Shop

A business card is the quickest form of advertising.

The quality of your card says something about you. The sense of touch is very powerful and should not be overlooked as many people will hold a business card while talking thus creating a mental image of what type of person you are. When you are deciding on the type of paper feel some samples of business cards you have collected. Close your eyes with a business card in your hand and ask yourself what come to mind. The last thing you want to use is cheap paper.

Odd sized and special shaped business cards do stand out but are seldom used due to the fact that most people throw them out because they do not fit in a wallet or purse.

The text captures the first impression so choose a font that reflects your business or service. Bold thick font might present authority while free form fonts show creativity. The font size on your card is dependent on the type of font in most cases 10 to 12 points is common.

Email is the most common way of interacting with prospective clients use your real name and domain on your card. Avoid free websites and email services as these down play your credibility.

Your URL should be in clear readable text to your domain. If your URL is long be creative and purchase a short domain name that someone can remember like and put a redirect to your main domain.

A logo is a good idea but putting your picture on the card will make a bigger impact. Placing a picture of a head shot on your business card will allow people to recognize you as they watch when you enter the room.

Have you defined what you do? Your service should be outlined with a snappy statement that addresses that client like a hammer hitting a nail.

Where to place your business cards does not require much thought.


You never know if a friend of a friend shows your card that might be the answer to all their problems.

Let’s review the key points your business card should include:

  • URL website
  • Your picture
  • Snappy mission statement
  • A reason to visit your website

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The Great Things About Glossy Business Cards
June 15, 2015 by Detroit Print Shop

You are handed two business cards by two different people for the same type of business. One is a black and white unadorned business card with simply the basic information on the front side. The second is a glossy, colorful business card with more than simply the basic information such as additional phone numbers to contact the person, web address, email address and even a home phone number. Which of these two cards are you most likely to discard? The chances are you would discard the unadorned card simply because of the simplicity of the card and the lack of imagination.

Glossy business cards are becoming more popular than ever in today’s economy and for good reason. They are an investment in advertising for you and your company and they are less costly in the long run than regular business cards. For example; one in five business cards are discarded within the first 24 hours of receiving them. This can cause your business money, making that business card one of the most expensive cards you have ever handed out. In addition colorful business cards with a glossy finish have brighter, richer colors than cards without the glossy finish. With the UV gloss coating, your cards will keep their color longer, last five times longer than the normal card and leave a better impression on its recipients.

Some glossy business cards are printed on a glossy paper. Others are printed on a thick 15 point to 16 point paper and then coated with a glossy finish. This protects the ink that the card was printed with. It becomes more water resistant, more sun resistant and resistant to aging and turning yellow. This means a potential customer could keep your card for years before it begins to fade and yellow. In other words, a potential customer you hand a glossy business card to today could contact you in several years. In addition it is sometimes harder to get ink to dry on a glossy finish which is why a glossy or UV coating is used. This is one of the most economical business cards and advertising campaigns that you can wager on clients. Your business card will not only leave a lasting impression on a client, but last for years too.

Printing on regular paper stock can cause colors to be dull and non-vibrant. If you use a background color or a colored card rather than a white one, it too can have an effect on the brightness of the colors and create different shades of colors that you did not particularly like. A glossy business card offers the best colors, background colors included, at the best price. If you are planning on placing your photo on a business card or a photo of your company building, glossy business cards are the only way to go to ensure the perfect colors and a lasting impression. Glossy business cards say professionalism when you begin handing them out to acquaintances, clients and potential clients.

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Making Your Business Card Stand Out
June 1, 2015 by Detroit Print Shop

Designing a business card is no easy task. You want to make sure that your business card looks unique and well planned. Your business card should stand out and not stick out like a sore thumb. It should make an impression and stand out from the rest. Do not compromise simplicity and style for uniqueness though. It will be in the company of other similar business cards when you hand them out to clients so its best if you think of a way to make yours stand out in the best possible way.

The colors you use are important. If you own a legal firm or a bank, then you should use somber colors. Dark colors for the typefaces work well with light colored backgrounds. However, if your company is related to visual graphics and the like then its best that you be as creative as you can be.

Your logo should be distinguishable and should say something about your company. If you have affiliate companies, print their logos in 2 colors only because having too many colors will make your business card look cluttered. The attention should be concentrated on your logo and your details and not your affiliate companies.

The impression your business card makes will also depend on the typefaces you use. Limit your typefaces and keep the characters simple. It looks professional if you use only 2 different typefaces at a time. The size of the characters should be just enough. They should be readable and clear. Don’t make them too large. Your name or your company’s should be larger than the rest of your contact information. Make sure that the text on your card does not look squeezed in. Leave spaces where they should be left. You don’t have to fill out the whole card.

Make sure you use the right contact information. Always double check. It is advisable that you give everything your client might need like your address, e-mail address and other contact numbers. It will be a large waste if you find errors after printing. This is why it is important to have professionals do the job of printing.

The slogan or tag line you use to endorse your company should be witty and memorable. Your business cards will stay in wallets and rolodexes so its better if you leave them a mental reminder of what your company offers. This might be your first opportunity to make a good impression. Make it count.

Do not take the free space at the back of the card for granted. Print your picture, your company’s best photo, or your best product/service. Include emergency hotline numbers or important dates you want your client to remember. Include a memorable quote or an anecdote. Place whatever you may think will make your card indispensable.

Include a good closing remark at the bottom of your business card. Make it something they won’t forget. Make it sound unique and exciting. Your clients are going to remember your company.

Make sure your business card is printed in the finest quality. It will be much better also if your business card is as durable as it can be. Business cards can be used as referrals for the people you hand them out to. So this exchange of hands will definitely damage your card. Choose a good printing company that will suit your needs. Nobody wants to receive or keep a cheaply printed business card. A poorly printed business card will most likely end up in the trash. However, a finely printed business card will, of course, be kept and most likely be passed around inviting more business for you.

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Why You Need High Quality Business Cards
April 7, 2015 by Detroit Print Shop

High quality business cards are the foundation of any great business. Anyone could start a “good” business, but without the basic marketing tools of things like full color printing, for flyers, and Bulletins, and cheap leaflet printing for door to door type sales, your business will cease to be great. It’s all about keeping in touch with your clients, and without any kind of printing services, nobody will know who you are.

As far as promoting your business, any kind of printing service is an absolute necessity. While it may not seem like a big step forward, and yes, the internet is a huge platform for marketing, nothing can compare with your own personal creativity as far as outdoor marketing. Outdoor marketing meaning the basic biz cards, leaflets, and printed materials. Full colour printing, in contrast to basic black and white printing, is the base that any small business needs to start out.

Just think about it, if you have a business card that is laying around your house that’s printed in black and white, you are simply less likely to look use it as opposed to the business card that is mostly black with big golden letters on the front. It simply sticks out more.

While you may be thinking “it’s not worth the extra cost” do an experiment, give out color business cards to people you know, and black and white ones to people you don’t, or vice versa, and we will see who calls you more often.

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The Effectiveness of Using Special Shape Marketing
January 2, 2012 by Detroit Print Shop

detroit business cardsYou want to make your brand stands out but don’t have a huge marketing budget, so what do you do? A simple, yet very effective way to get noticed is by purchasing die cut business cards. Your contacts will certainly remember your remarkable business cards, which may be shaped like an oval or circle, a rounded square, a leaf or even a half circle. Think of all the business cards in your collection. Do you remember any of the people simply through their business cards? Probably not. However, for those who invest a little more time and money into special shape cards, which will make them stand out, the return on investment offers great potential.

Remember that your business cards don’t just give out your contact information; they also help promote your brand. While your logo should certainly go on your cards, your card design should complement it and add to your brand.  How cool would it be to have business cards shaped in a circle for you to hand out? People would certainly keep your card, if not for the fact that it’s fun to look at. This increases the likelihood of them calling to inquire about your services and becoming a customer.

It’s pretty simple to get decent looking business cards. Anyone with a computer and printer can make them, but that doesn’t mean they give your business a professional image. While it’s much cheaper to print them yourself, you’ll make a huge impact on future customers by handing them a card that has a bit more time and money invested in it. When people come to you they want to know that you are a professional and that you’re serious about your business; that it’s not just an idea that you came up with last week and are only half serious about it. They’ll also appreciate the fact that you are willing to show this in order to gain their business.

If you’re ready to take a step towards gaining customers through this unique way of marketing, contact us today. We’ll work with you to get your special shaped business cards designed and printed.

Turning Business Cards Into a Promotional Piece
November 1, 2011 by Detroit Print Shop

Creating a business card may seem like a pretty simple thing to do. Everybody knows what goes on a business card, the company name, a person’s name, address, and contact information. Go to any convention or networking meeting and you’re likely to come away with a pocketful of them, all containing the same sort of information. But while it’s true that most business cards are functionally similar, they are definitely not all the same. When done right, a business card can be a palm-sized billboard that draws attention and customers for your business.

To turn your business cards into promotional material, you first have to rethink their purpose. Perhaps instead of merely conveying information, your business card print offers an incentive to customers. You can offer a 10% off discount on your card, or turn it into a punch-out card, where a certain number of punches nets a free item. If your company offers special events, your business card could double as the event ticket. However you choose to do it, the point is to get your potential customer to hold onto your card and remember the information.

The other important step towards making your business cards into promotional materials is varying the design. Just because your card contains the same information as others’, that doesn’t mean it should look the same. Font, layout, and paper quality all contribute to the attractiveness of a business card. Detroit Print Shop can work with you to find a unique and eye-catching layout that grabs attention and fits your budget.

Business card printing is the smallest and least expensive form of print advertising that most companies do. That doesn’t mean they can’t be extremely effective when used properly! Finding new ways to design and use your business cards can pay off in a major way when it comes to drawing new customers and retaining repeat business.

Advertising Media for Your Clothing Line Business
March 31, 2011 by Detroit Print Shop

Every clothing line designer, reseller or manufacturer needs a comprehensive advertising and marketing program to attract attention and establish brand loyalty. Well crafted business cards, postcards and brochures can offer exceptional exposure at a fraction of the expense associated with other types of advertising. Printed materials provide an excellent opportunity to display the unique designs, vivid colors and quality fabrics that distinguish distinctive clothing lines.

Advertising Media

Every component of a print campaign can add substantial benefits to the comprehensive marketing effort. Exposure, image building and motivating the customer are the primary goals of print related advertising. This can be accomplished through a coordinated initiative that includes the following elements:

Business Cards: For clothing designers that are looking to impress buyers and retailers, a well crafted business card is a necessity. Business cards can be used to communicate essential information and establish a favorable image with a prospective client.

Business cards can incorporate many effective styles including basic designs or more complex layouts that add color and symbols. Besides complete contact information, a business card should always include a defining logo.

Postcards: Advertising with postcards can serve as an introduction to highly targeted prospective clients while conveying vivid imagery and a compelling call to action. Many clothing line businesses use organized fashion shows to stimulate interest in the line, and postcards can be an effective medium for advertising the event. The front side of the postcard should be used to display various highlights of the clothing line and capture the recipient’s attention. The backside of the card affords substantial space where details about the company, the designer and full contact information can be presented. Including special sales or promotions can also be an effective method of raising awareness.

Brochures: A brochure carries the advantage of providing additional space for detailed visual presentation of images and text. A well designed clothing line brochure can serve as an effective advertising piece while informing buyers, retailers and the general public of the different available fashions and styles. High definition pictures that are tastefully displayed on quality stock paper will help to enhance the overall appeal of the clothing line.

Print Shops

For every print marketing and advertising requirement, Detroit Print Shop offers a variety of services that will help ensure the success and effectiveness of the campaign. This includes assistance with graphic design, paper selections and understanding brochure folding options. Detroit Print Shop can guide a customer through every phase of the development process and will produce printed advertising pieces that will be informative, compelling and generate substantial interest.

Hair Salon Promotional Printing
February 20, 2011 by Detroit Print Shop

hair salon promotional printingProfessional hair care is a thriving industry, but it is also fiercely competitive. To assure the continued success of a hair salon, promotional printing is a vital component in the ongoing effort to attract and retain customers.

Different Advertising Options

In Detroit, hair salon printing services offer budget conscious business owners and stylists the opportunity to reach a wide audience with a minimal investment. There are many available choices in printed promotional materials and each one presents its own distinctive advantages.

  • Business Cards: The most important element in every hair salon marketing campaign is a well designed business card. Business cards can be used to convey a particular image as well as provide important contact information. They can also serve as appointment reminders and help encourage client referrals. Since hair salon business cards are small and inexpensive, they can be attached to public bulletin boards and widely distributed in other public venues.
  • Brochures: Since the printable area is significantly larger, brochures give the hair salon owner an opportunity to present their products and services in greater detail. Including attractive images along with compelling text can help differentiate the salon from its competitors. A brochure
    is a perfect channel for highlighting accreditations, stylist biographies, and unique client benefits.
  • Flyers: Flyers are an ideal marketing vehicle for a hair salon that wants their message updated frequently. Since printing costs are nominal, updated editions can be released regularly and include coupons, discounts, new services or beauty and hairstyling tips.
  • Posters: A poster displayed in the window of a hair salon can display powerful images and messages about the store, its services and practitioners. Posters can be viewed from a considerable distance and will attract the attention of everyone that passes by the store.

Printing Design

Printed marketing and advertising offers an affordable way of presenting products and services to large numbers of prospective clients. Regardless of the promotional printing product, all materials require careful consideration throughout the development process. This includes selecting attractive photographs and creating text that is informative and persuasive. It is important to always include detailed contact information and proof read the piece thoroughly prior to printing. To avoid a design that appears disorganized and cluttered, different fonts and colors should be used sensibly.

For hair salons in Ann Arbor, Dearborn, Downriver, Flint, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Royal Oak and Troy, Detroit Print Shop offers a variety of services and selections that will help produce the perfect hair salon marketing piece.

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